Delhi University admissions: Your questions answered

Delhi University admissions: Your questions answered

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New Delhi:  It's admission time again in Delhi University, and anxious students and parents are waiting to hear the news of the cut-offs. But how does one apply to Delhi University? Does one choose a college first or the course? Our expert Pratibha Jolly, Principal of Miranda House, answers your questions here.

Uzair: With 94%, do I stand a chance at getting admission in IITs?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: The admission to IIT is through an entrance test and your marks in school do not matter. In fact, the current debate that is raging is on creating a mechanism for giving adequate weightage to the performance at the school leaving examination.  

Sunil Gupta:  What are the professional prospects of BBE at DU?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Bachelor of Business Economics as the name suggests will prepare you to enter the corporate world of finance, banking and business. The placement record is rather good. You can either enter the job market straight away or choose to pursue another degree program such as MBA for improving job prospects. And of course, you can get back to academics at masters level.

Vikram Malhotra: Do I have to give an entrance exam for DU if I am applying for courses like Geography and Economics from outside India?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: No. At the undergraduate level, you do not need to take an entrance exam for any of these courses. However, to get to the famous D School (Delhi School of Economics) for master level programs, you do need to take an entrance test.

Sharvi Jain: I have English, Economics, Multimedia &Web Tech, Informatics Practices and Home Science with an aggregate of 85% in best of four. Can I apply for any honours courses like History and also am I eligible for English (Honours) and Journalism course in DU?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: You have a good percentage and a good chance of getting admission to an honours course of your choice.

Entrance to English is through a common entrance test called CATE. A large number of colleges (21) now use the CATE score as criteria for admission. This exam was held on 9 June.

Admission to Journalism courses is again through a common entrance test.

For admission to an honours course such as history, you need to include one language and three other subjects in best four. Many colleges do not accept the marks of home science, multimedia and web technology, or informatics practice - either because these are not considered pertinent or because they are high scoring. The University of Delhi Bulletin of Information 2012-2013 has an updated list of these additional eligibility criteria for each college. Do check this out. You need to look at the prospectus of the college you have in mind.

Priyanka Mandal:  What are the criteria for getting admission in B.Com (Honours) in one of the best college in D.U?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: The cut-off announced by the college will decide your eligibility. In most colleges, the best four subjects include a language, Maths and two other subjects. The last year's cut-off will give you an idea of which colleges you are likely to make it to. Do look at the additional eligibility criteria as announced by different colleges through the DU website and it Bulletin of Information.

Prithviraj: Can I take language (Sanskrit: 97.5%) for calculating cut-off against English (186)? Will I get extra time for submitting Migration Certificate if it is not ready at the time of admission?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: You can take Sanskrit as an academic subject. However you cannot include this in best four in lieu of English as language. This year migration is not allowed. Do look up Bulletin of Information in this regard as I am not sure where you intend to migrate from.

Guest: I have got 95.4% and want to pursue Economics Honours. Can I get through Stephens, LSR or SRCC? Which are the best colleges for economics Honours in DU?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: The cut-offs for Economics announced by the colleges you list were above 95% last year. That trend is likely to continue. However, you should be able to get Economics Honours in some college. Let me add, "Best" is a relative term! There are several equally good colleges in DU, within and outside the north campus.

Niharika Sharma: I have secured 86 in English, 87 in Sociology, 91 in Painting and 94 in Physical Education. What Arts courses can I get in top colleges?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: If you decide to include Painting and Physical Education in Best Four, remember to check the additional eligibility criteria declared by different colleges for different courses. There are several who will not permit you to include these.

Parvin: I have applied online and sent the DD through Speed Post. I am worried about its receipt. Is it possible to do the registration again?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Well, you can certainly register offline. However, it is time for many of us to trust the online process of admission. Despite the initial glitches, it is working well.

Naren: I have got 91% in science in best of four. Can I get admission in Economics (H) in a good college?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: "Good" is a relative term. Have a look at the last year's cut off to get a realistic idea of where you stand a better chance.

Seema Sharma: Hi. I am from Faridabad, Haryana. I have secured 79% in Best of four Commerce stream. Can I get admission in DU. If yes, then in which college?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Have a look at the last year's cut off to get a realistic idea of your chance. However, do also apply to the B. Com Programme where the cut offs are a bit lower.

Nehal: Is it necessary to collect the forms from all the colleges for first year, or is there any option online to fill in the application form?  

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: This year DU has a common Pre-admission form which is available from designated centres and post offices. You can also fill it online. There is no need to go to individual colleges to fill their respective forms. However, St Stephens, JMC do not subscribe to the common pre-admission form. You need to fill their forms.

S K Rathi: What's the difference between Eco (H) B.Com (H) and BBE?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Economics has a strong academic core. B Com is commerce stream while BBE is a vocational/professional course. Do look at the course structures and course content available at the DU website

Mridul D: I have got compartment in accounts. I have 70.25 % in best of four. Can I get admission in DU in regular courses? What are the requirements while filling the admission form?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Yes, you can get provisional admission to any course where you meet the cut-off.

Shailja: Is it true that from this year, admission to Maths (Honours) is on the basis of aggregate and not on the basis of PCM?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: No. It is not based on aggregate. It is based on PCM+English.

Priya Das: Is 15th June also the last date to apply for hostels in the colleges of DU?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: No. You can apply to the hostel of a college only after you get admission to a course in the college.

Mohit Kukreja:  I have already submitted my form. Can I submit a second form?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Yes. If you think you have made a mistake or want to exercise more choices, then, go ahead and fill another form. More carefully this time!

TK Nair: Can I do M. Tech after BSc?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Yes.

Raunak: In the common admission form, can I apply for as many courses as I want? Can I apply for B. Com (Hons), Economics (Hons) and English (Hons) using one form?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Yes, you can mark bubbles to indicate which college (column) and course (row) you want to apply to. Yes, all three courses are included on the Common Pre-admission OMR form.

Sumeet: Information Practices is listed as an academic subject in DU information bulletin. Will Information Practice be considered as an elective subject for admission in B. Sc (Maths) and B. Sc (Stats)?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: At Miranda House we accept this in Best Four. However, you must look at the comprehensive additional eligibility criteria of different colleges listed in the Bulletin of Information 2012-13 for any caveat.

Sumeet: What does 2 best electives actually mean? I have Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Information Practices as my subject combination in class 12th. I want to pursue B.Sc (Maths) or B.Sc (Stats).

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: For these courses, you need to include English, Maths and two subjects from the academic stream. The latter can be the ones in which you have scored the maximum marks.

Sumeet: I want to seek admission in B.Sc (Math Honours) or BSc (Stats Honours). According to information bulletin, marks in Maths, one language and two best elective subjects are to be considered for admission. My subject combination in class 12th is Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Information Practice. Will colleges consider my (Maths+Eng+Chem+Information Practice) marks?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Yes. This should be acceptable to most colleges.

Shreya Bakshi: I have secured 95%. What are chances of my getting admission in SRCC for B.Com (Honours)?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Last year the cut-off at SRCC for B.Com (Honours) was higher than 95%. It was 98% for commerce stream and hit 100% for other streams! The college prefers students from the commerce stream.

Trishant: I have 73 per cent. I want to do BBA or BMS. Which college should I apply to in DU and what are my chances of getting admission?

Dr. Pratibha Jolly: Admission to BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is through a common entrance test which has already been held.  I am not sure what you are abbreviating as BMS. Are you referring to Bachelor of Mathematical Science which is available in 3 colleges, namely Keshav, Maharja Agrasen College and PGDAV College? Please check the last year's cut-off to get an idea of what your chances are.

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