AAP Wants "Cut Money" From Centre's Onions: BJP's Manoj Tiwari

The AAP government is quoting unjustified prices for onions, said Manoj Tiwari, accusing it of wanting "cut money" by selling onions at higher price.

AAP Wants 'Cut Money' From Centre's Onions: BJP's Manoj Tiwari

AAP government gets onions from Centre at Rs 15.9 per kg, said Manoj Tiwari.

New Delhi:

The AAP-led Delhi government wants to sell onions at a price of Rs 24 per kg, but is buying it at Rs 16 per kg from the Centre, said Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari accusing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of wanting "cut money".

"The Delhi government gets onion from the Central government at Rs 15.90 per kg and want to sell it at Rs 24 per kg. This means the Kejriwal government wants to get a profit of Rs 8 per kg. This is cut money," Mr Tiwari was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

The BJP leader said the prices that AAP government is quoting are unjustified as it will not have to pay any transport charge to the Centre.

The prices of onions shot up last week due to supply shortage and continue to retail as high as Rs 60.

Earlier this week, Mr Kejriwal said that said that his government would sell onions through ration shops and mobile vans at Rs 24.

"The government is in the process of buying onions. We are expecting to start selling it in the next 10 days. The onion will be sold at Rs 24 per kg through ration shops and mobile vans," the Chief Minister had said.


The Centre has attributed the rise in onion prices due to floods in several parts of the country especially in onion producer states Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

With prices of onions seeing a surge for the past few weeks, the Union government had imposed a minimum export price of USD 85 per metric ton last week. The move is expected to curb onion exports and bring down the price in the domestic market.

The Centre has assured the country has enough onion production and a buffer stock of 56,000 tonne has been created to address any shortage. About 16,000 tonnes has been offloaded so far. In Delhi, 200 tonnes a day is being offloaded.

To give relief to consumers, central agencies have been selling onion from the buffer stock at Rs. 22-23 per kg, while Mother Dairy's Safal stores are selling at Rs. 23.90 per kg in Delhi.

(With inputs From ANI)