This Article is From Mar 20, 2013

'No window for reconciliation. It has grills': DMK

New Delhi: DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan said that the DMK has been freed of coalition dharma and that "there is no window for reconsideration. It has grills," as five ministers are set to submit their resignations to the Prime Minister today. Meanwhile, Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said that the government will push for amendments to the US-sponsored UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

Here are 10 big developments in this story:

  1. The government today said it will move amendments to the US-sponsored UN resolution on Sri Lanka at the Geneva session of the UN's top human rights body. Finance Minister P Chidambaram today said India will push for "a credible independent probe," and that the "UN must adopt a strong resolution to send a message to Sri Lanka."

  2. The DMK has pulled out of the Congress-led UPA coalition in protest against the government's position on a United Nations resolution on the bloody end to Sri Lanka's civil war with the separatist Tamil Tigers. (Read: 'No coalition dharma now,' says DMK)

  3. The DMK wants India to add strong language to the UN Human Rights Council resolution to accuse Sri Lanka of "genocide," and demand an international inquiry into possible war crimes. The party also wants a similar resolution to be passed by India's Parliament before the UN vote on Sri Lanka later this week in Geneva.

  4. Mr Chidambaram said consultations are on with other parties over moving a resolution against Sri Lanka in Parliament. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath is speaking with political parties to arrive at a consensus. The BJP has said it will not support the government's attempt to introduce a resolution against Sri Lanka in Parliament, asserting that "India's foreign policy cannot be compromised for an alliance."

  5. Sources say that for its amendments to be accepted, India would need the support of 24 out of 47 member countries, which is unlikely. India's Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Dilip Sinha, will today brief the government on the US resolution.

  6. Government sources indicate that while India is likely to vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva it cannot back the term "genocide". (Read: Will India push for changes in draft?)

  7. The DMK has 18 seats in the Lok Sabha and five ministers in the Cabinet. The ruling UPA coalition is already in a minority, but the crucial external support of regional powerhouses Mayawati and Mualyam Singh Yadav means it is not in danger of collapse. (Read: See the math)

  8. The US resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in Geneva does not call for an international enquiry into alleged war crimes by the Sri Lankan defence forces during the country's civil war with the separatist Tamil Tigers. (Read: US resolution toned down)

  9. India is concerned that too strong a resolution will anger Sri Lanka and push it deeper into China's sphere of influence.

  10. The UN has estimated that some 40,000 people were killed in the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war, while rights groups put the death toll even higher. Sri Lanka denies that its forces killed civilians.

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