Kiran Bedi an Excellent Choice for Chief Ministerial Candidate: Arun Jaitley

In an interview with NDTV, senior BJP leader and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Kiran Bedi was an excellent choice for the party's chief ministerial candidate in the Delhi assembly polls. Here are the highlights:

  • Delhi BJP president has asked leaders not to be inactive. His letter was aimed at motivating those who were aspirants for tickets.
  • BJP not talking of full statehood for Delhi, as its not an issue on this polls. Full statehood is not a big issue. The big issue with statehood is law and order.
  • This election is a contest between good governance and anarchy.
  • That the NDA is a low tax government, reasonable advantages, controlled prices and improved economy are pluses.
  • The BJP is fighting to win the Delhi Assembly election with a comfortable margin.
  • An election is a barometer of various things. Each election is not a referendum.
  • The Congress has miserably lost seven elections after the Lok Sabha polls.
  • In Delhi, Congress is disappearing.
  • I am not in favour of a negative campaign. If the Aam Aadmi Party has been born out of the politics of negativism, then BJP should not do the same.
  • We have lot a of positives. The BJP should only do positive campaigning, that is my advice to the party. To fight Arvind Kejriwal, there is no need to use their tactics.
  • AAP's USP is that it lowers the calibre of the debate.
  • Kiran Bedi is the best candidate for a city like Delhi. Delhi needs somebody like Kiran Bedi as Chief Minister as she is unconventional.
  • The induction of large number of ministers and MPs for campaigning is a normal practice.
  • Amit Shah always goes all out in all elections.
  • In many national capitals, law and order is with the Centre.
  • Law and order can be given to the Delhi government. But, consensus is needed.


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