Remember That One-Liner? Now Lalu Yadav And Sons Watch Hema Malini's Show

Remember That One-Liner? Now Lalu Yadav And Sons Watch Hema Malini's Show

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Hema Malini agreed to perform 'Draupadi' with her daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol. (PTI)

Patna:  Hema Malini's show in Patna this evening, for an audience that included Lalu Yadav, has a sensational back story. Years ago, the former Chief Minister's jibe about making the roads of Bihar "as smooth as Hema Malini's cheeks" became legend.

To persuade the star-politician to perform at an event co-sponsored by the state government, Mr Yadav did not hesitate to drop names - or one in particular - Ms Malini's actor-husband Dharmendra. "Dharmendra ji mere bade bhaiya hain to aap meri Bhabhi hain (If Dharmendra is my big brother then you are my sister-in-law)," the politician reportedly cajoled.

And so, the 68-year-old came to perform her popular dance drama "Draupadi" with her daughters in the Bihar capital.

In his opening remarks, the RJD chief confessed that he was so taken with Hema Malini that he even named one of his daughters after her.

Hema Malini performing at her show in Patna Tuesday evening.

If Ms Malini hesitated even for a few moments, many would not blame her.

The one-liner that would forever link her to the - often bumpy - roads of Bihar came to define Mr Yadav's rustic wit and was repeatedly referenced over the years. In 2010, he denied ever having said it and accused his rivals of attributing the comment falsely to him.

Ms Malini, a BJP parliamentarian from Uttar Pradesh, has visited Bihar several times but mostly to campaign for her party. Which meant that her favourite target at public meetings has been Lalu Yadav.

Hema Malini performed her popular dance drama "Draupadi" in Patna with Lalu Yadav in audience

In today's function, no one from the BJP was either invited or seen. Among the prominent guests were Mr Yadav's sons Tej Pratap and Tejasvi Yadav, both state ministers.

The graceful actor performed once before in Bihar in the 1990s, in the early years of Mr Yadav's reign. In the 1970s, she shot a hit song from the movie "Johny mera naam" in the ruins of Nalanda.

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