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Online fury as PM is heard asking 'theek hai' at end of speech

Online fury as PM is heard asking 'theek hai' at end of speech
New Delhi For the first time since a young woman's gang-rape incensed the country, provoking fierce protests across the country and clashes with the police in Delhi, the Prime Minister spoke to the nation.  
But the headline of the PM's address has become his question to his staff which was mistakenly broadcast - "theek hai (alright?)" he is heard asking.
A new surge of anger cascaded online. At 1.30 pm, more than three trending topics were on the PM's gaffe - #theekhai, #meekhai, #bheekhai as well as Manmohan. At 2:40 pm, #theekhai was trending worldwide.

Prakash Sharma (@Prakash_Sharma) tweeted, "No Mr Prime Minister it is no longer#TheekHai. We are done with this status quo, chalta hai attitude."

Dr Manmohan Singh's short speech was delivered as the government is being slammed for failing to connect with a country seeking reassurance that its women will be protected and that laws will be changed to provide tougher punishment for sexual crimes.
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