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Provestra Review | Natural Female Libido Booster

Provestra works by reducing menopausal symptoms, regulating menstrual cycles, and enhancing the arousal and orgasms experienced.

Provestra Review | Natural Female Libido Booster

Provestra is a dietary supplement specifically for adult women of any age group

Now you can enjoy sex and life at any age, with no taboos and stress

Do you find changes in your libido, as you get older?

Are you worried about your reduced sexual mood and the difficulty of arousal and orgasm?

Are you afraid it's time to get out of the game, sit on the sofa and watch TV?

This is not the case.

Indeed - according to studies carried out - half (or more) of women have experienced at some point (occasionally or for a longer period) a kind of sexual dysfunction.

This can be due to vaginal dryness and difficulty in arousal, or even difficulty climaxing and lack of orgasm.

Provestra is an all-natural female supplement to boost sexual desire and improve sexual performance.

You may wonder what the goal of using a similar supplement is

Simply, to fight sexual dysfunctions and certainly to increase sexual satisfaction, in any age.

Provestra, with its 100% natural and carefully selected composition, works by reducing menopausal symptoms, regulating menstrual cycles, and enhancing the arousal and orgasms experienced.

In addition, it enhances cognitive functions, improves memory, balances hormones, fights stress and helps with quality sleep.

However – prior to analyzing the Provestra supplement - we need to clarify that this is not a pharmaceutical product.

The Provestra pill is not an approved treatment for female hormonal disorders.

It is a 100% natural nutritional supplement to stimulate sexual mood and improve sexual pleasure.

In case of pathological conditions and serious malfunctions, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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Provestra Female Libido Booster – What it is

Provestra - as already mentioned - is a dietary supplement specifically for adult women of any age group.

It is made from 100% natural and highest quality ingredients, especially for women experiencing sexual difficulty, dissatisfaction and loss of sexual desire.

This can be due to intense stress, hormonal upheaval, or even the perimenopause or menopause phases in the life of a woman.

Provestra treats these uncomfortable conditions by combining a wide range of herbs.

These herbs - all selected following scientific research - work positively to increase and stabilize reproductive hormones (i.e. estrogen, testosterone and progesterone).

Target group

Provestra pills are libido booster pills, strictly for women.

The primary objective of this natural pill is to ensure sexual stimulation, pleasure and climax to every woman in her sexual intercourse.

Even women in the difficult period of menopause can enjoy sex again with Provestra.

The fact that menstruation stops does not mean that you have "finished" as a woman.

Just because you've entered menopause doesn't mean you have to stop living.

Therefore, Provestra is mainly aimed at postmenopausal women looking for a safe (non-drug) solution to enjoy their sex life.

The manufacturing company

Leading Edge Health is the company behind the Provestra supplement. It is an American company with a huge reputation worldwide.

It is currently one of the most established nutritional supplement companies, with many successful products to its credit and many followers

This company has been offering quality nutritional supplements for years. Products are created with the utmost care and in accordance with all safety and quality standards set by legislation.

Professional doctors and experts in health, wellness, healthy nutrition and good life manage the company in general.

In its nearly 2-year history, Leading Edge Health has pioneered the creation of many beneficial health supplements.

Its expertise in the field of health using only quality natural ingredients has made it a favorite choice of the consumer.

The company's facilities - where its nutritional supplements are manufactured - comply with all quality-manufacturing regulations and are cGMP certified.

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Provestra Libido Booster – How it works 

Provestra may be particularly popular with women entering menopause, however, it is an ideal choice for any woman not enjoying sex and not having the sexual desire she would like.

Provestra is a 100% natural product, a daily female libido booster.

How will it help you achieve more exciting orgasms and increased sexual desire?

It is simple, see below.

Initially, it significantly increases vaginal lubrication so penetration is not painful and the woman can enjoy sexual intercourse.

In addition, it contributes to the acceleration of the total stimulation of the organism, to increase the pleasure and strengthen the climax.

Finally, how does it work?

Provestra contains a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins and nutrients providing female organism stimulation and aphrodisiac action.

Provestra's specially selected ingredients help to balance the hormones of the female organism and stimulate the female reproductive system.


  • L-Arginine (base) 300 mg
  • Theobromine Cocoa 50 mg
  • Indole-3 Carbinol 35 mg
  • Vitamin A (Palmitate) 2 mg 17% DV
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic) 10 mg 17 % DV
  • Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Succinate) 5 mg 17 % DV
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) 200 mcg 13% DV
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 200 mcg 12% DV
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 3 mg 17% DV
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 435 mcg 17% DV
  • Folate (Folic Acid) 800 mcg 200% DV
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 12 mcg 200 % DV
  • Biotin 500 mcg 160% DV
  • Pantothenic Acid 2 mg 18 % DV
  • Calcium Carbonate 100 mg 11% DV
  • Iron-ferrous Gluconate 12 mg 75 % DV
  • Zinc Gluconate 9 mg 58% DV
  • Korean Ginseng 16 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba 25 mg
  • Damiana Leaf 25 mg
  • Black Cohosh 25 mg
  • Red Raspberry 25 mg
  • Licorice Root 25 mg
  • Ginger Root 25 mg
  • Valerian Root 25 mg
  • Kudzu Root 25 mg

Key ingredients and action

To understand how Provestra works you should understand each of its natural ingredients and their action.

In Provestra you find a number of natural enhancing ingredients (twenty six (26) in total) boosting libido while promoting overall health.

Some of the supplement's key ingredients are shown below:

  • Theobromine Cocoa

Theobromine is the active substance found in cocoa (and therefore also in chocolate).

It is considered one of the most powerful (and also most popular) natural aphrodisiacs around the world.

Its action is mainly based on the significant amounts of the natural alkaloid theobromine contained.

For those who don't know, cocoa is in the same category as coffee.

Theobromine - a substance in the same family as caffeine - has the ability to stimulate the nervous system, increase heart rate, enhance blood circulation and increase energy levels.

In addition, this action of theobromine increases sexual drive, enhances physical performance, increases endurance and gives a feeling of bliss and joy.

  • Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is a natural healing ingredient used in Asia for over 5000 years to treat a variety of health conditions.

However, the reason why it has now gained immense fame throughout the modern world is its powerful aphrodisiac power.

It has the ability to cause a natural increase in libido, while at the same time improving mental and physical performance, increasing concentration, boosting immunity, improving mood and fighting depression, reducing appetite and controlling body weight, reducing glucose levels and relieving the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Recent studies have even shown that Ginseng (mainly red) can improve the sexual function and performance of women in the menopause phase.

To increase sexual mood, enhance arousal, reduce discomfort (during sexual intercourse) and enhance orgasm.

It increases vaginal sensitivity by relaxing the smooth muscles found along with the genitals.

Stimulation is now a piece of cake.


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  • Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is another very popular herb enhancing sexual arousal and offering increased sexual satisfaction.

It fights all kinds of sexual dysfunction caused by hormonal imbalance and is an excellent supplement for women during menopause. 

According to scientific studies, Ginkgo Biloba shows a significant ability to regulate hormones and relieve the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

The herb's ability to increase blood flow to the genital area makes the orgasm more intense/stronger/more pleasurable.

  • Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry is a valuable - powerful antioxidant - fruit promoting good health.

Its benefits mainly relate to alleviating the possible effects of the perimenopausal stage.

Thus, symptoms such as discomfort, dysmenorrhea and heavy bleeding are relieved and the woman's daily life becomes more pleasant.

However, Red Raspberry is also used largely to stimulate a woman's reproductive health, especially during the prenatal phase.

This is because Red Raspberry has the ability to regulate estrogen levels.

  • Liquorice Root

Liquorice root extract is a popular ingredient that is also used as a natural remedy to relieve menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes).

It has been proven to help improve mood and emotional stability, while also cleansing and detoxifying the liver (which processes sex hormones)!

Liquorice Root fights oxidative stress, boosts the body's energy levels and helps control mood swings due to hormonal disturbances.

It reduces fluid retention, fights to bloat and helps control body weight.

  • L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an important amino acid that - upon entering the organism - turns into nitric oxide.

Subsequently, the nitric oxide helps to widen the blood vessels, thus increasing the blood flow (throughout the body and the genitals).

In this way, the stimulation of the sexual organs is intensified, the pleasure increases and the intercourse becomes more satisfying (even after menopause).

  • Indole-3-Carbinol

This substance is mainly found in cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) and is a unique natural ingredient protecting the female reproductive system from serious conditions such as cancer.

In addition, it increases and stabilizes estrogen levels, thus reducing the possible effects of menopause on your organism and emotions (physical as well as psychological).

It increases the mood for sex and intensifies the orgasm.

  • Damiana Leaf

Damiana Leaf is a herb also characterized as an "ancient natural aphrodisiac".

Here is why.

The fact that in many ancient cultures, damiana leaves have been shown to increase a woman's sexual satisfaction by causing intense lubrication of the vagina, making them an ideal choice for postmenopausal women wishing to continue to enjoy sex.

Damiana Leaf increases the frequency and intensity of orgasm, while also stabilizing irregular hormones, offering significant relief from certain perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms.

  • Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a natural herb, an important phytoestrogen used for centuries by Native americans to treat menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness making sexual satisfaction difficult).

It is recommended for use as a natural aid in menopausal women as it significantly relieves symptoms (including vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, fluid retention, weight gain, hormonal imbalance and insufficient estrogen production).

It increases reproductive capacity and fights infertility, while it is also used as a treatment to relieve labor pains.

  • Valerian Root

Valerian is a herb particularly popular in America, mainly for its ability to improve mood, promote balance and calmness of organism and mind, relieve stress and help achieve adequate and quality sleep.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a chemical that helps regulate the functioning of nerve cells, being one of the main depressant neurotransmitters.

In experimental studies, valerian extract (containing a chemical known as valerenic acid) has been shown to bind to GABA receptors, thereby increasing the strength of their signaling and the amount of a chemical, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain.

Thus, valerian exhibits a calming character, reduces nervous activity, promotes quality sleep and facilitates mental peace.

  • Kudzu Root

Kudzu is a natural ingredient very rich in estrogen-like compounds.

Like Black Cohosh it is widely used as a balancer of female hormones (especially during the menopausal phase).

It keeps estrogen at optimal levels and prevents the difficult & unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

  • Vitamin A

Broadly known as the vitamin for eye health, vitamin A also offers many important benefits to women's reproductive health.

One of these important benefits is the regulation of the female hormone progesterone.

It is responsible for the health of the epithelial tissues (tissues covering the inner and outer surface of the body).

This strengthens the health of the skin and the health of the female vagina lining and uterus.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is undoubtedly the quintessential immune-boosting vitamin, while also playing a vital role in skin health by delaying the effects of aging, environmental pollution and stress.

Nevertheless, vitamin C - although it is mainly used as a means of stimulating the organism's immunity – offers more benefits than simply keeping seasonal colds at bay.

It actively participates in the synthesis of sex hormones, enhancing smooth sexual function.

It also helps to create collagen, which - among other things - promotes the treatment of vaginal dryness and increases sexual pleasure.

It prevents stress incontinence, while in younger women it helps control excessive menstrual flow and fights the pain it causes.

Finally, for menopausal women, it offers effective control of hot flashes.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that has many important functions in the human organism offering significant benefits.

One of them is certainly the strong antioxidant protection it provides, fighting against harmful free radicals.

It is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps reduce the toxic effects of excess estrogen.

It is essential in the biochemical process of hormone synthesis and helps to reduce vaginal dryness as well as relieve menopausal hot flashes.

  • Folic Acid

Folic acid is an essential element for the organism. Folic acid deficiency - according to research - is directly linked to infertility and the development of neural tube defects in fetuses.

It also helps to metabolize proteins and boost energy.

  • B-Complex Vitamins

The B vitamins are essential for the health of the nervous system and also play an important role in maintaining a healthy sex drive.

Vitamins B1, B2 & B3 in particular, help to boost energy levels, improve blood flow (throughout the body and specifically to the genitals), synthesize sex hormones and enhance fertility.

Vitamins B5, B6 & B12 are also very important for the organism since they contribute to dealing with the negative effects of stress, as well as balancing hormones.

Will the Provestra formula work for me?

The natural female enhancement supplement Provestra has proven to be a very popular product among women (especially in their post-menopausal stage of life).

From the first 7 days of use, you can see a noticeable increase in sexual desire (libido), as well as faster and more dynamic stimulation.

As you continue to use the supplement systematically (always according to the manufacturer's instructions for use) the benefits will multiply.

You will experience more pleasure during penetration (and less discomfort or pain), stronger and more pleasurable muscle contractions during climax, fewer mood swings and increased sexual satisfaction.

As with any supplement or even any pharmaceutical product, its action is not exactly the same in every organism.

Therefore, there is no guarantee as to what the exact benefits will be for you in particular.

We are all different organisms, with different needs and different levels of hormones in our organisms.

In addition, the reaction of each of us to the active ingredients of each supplement or pharmaceutical product differs.

The levels of our physical condition and the state of our health are 2 of the most important parameters, in determining whether the particular supplement will work adequately and what benefits it will deliver.

Provestra Libido Enhancer – Is it safe?

Yes. It is a 100% natural product without dangerous chemicals, toxic substances or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Provestra is a completely safe women's health supplement.

It carries cGMP certification.

Can it cause side effects to me?

In general, it is a completely natural supplement not linked to any kind of side effects.

Some women, however, have reported a small increase in their breast size.

Nevertheless, this - apart from not being something alarming or dangerous - is not that bad.

Is it not?

It is actually completely normal, as it happens due to the increase in estrogen in the organism, which in turn stimulates the hormonal growth of the breasts.

How does Provestra balance the hormones?

Provestra is manufactured according to all safety and quality standards in state-of-the-art facilities, by experienced staff and with only the highest quality natural ingredients.

The 18 natural ingredients of the supplement work together harmoniously to help stimulate the 3 key hormones in the female organism:

  • estrogens
  • progesterone and
  • testosterone

Especially during the difficult period in a woman's life (that of pre-menopause and post-menopause) - that is, when the unpleasant symptoms begin (which in some women can happen even at the beginning of their third decade of life), this supplement can yield significant benefits.


Provestra can boost your levels of some very important hormones that - due to age - have started to decline.

This means that Provestra works by balancing hormones and promoting good female health (physical, sexual, psychological, and even spiritual).


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Provestra – Key benefits of its use

  • Enhances sexual drive
  • Reduces hot flashes
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Promotes good mood and psychology
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Reduces irritability
  • Increases sexual satisfaction
  • Enhances sexual desire (libido)
  • Increases the ability to focus
  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Increases the sexual arousal of the entire body
  • Helps regulate menstrual cycles
  • Suppresses hot flashes
  • Reduces night sweats

How soon will I see any results?

As mentioned earlier, "which" benefits to see and "how soon" these develop, are a function of many factors largely relating to your unique organism.

Therefore, the time of action of the supplement varies from person to person, which is completely reasonable.

This is why you should not worry if a friend sees the benefits long before you do.

Many women say they see results within just 7 days of regular use of the supplement.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Perceptible increase in sexual desire
  • Enhancement of sexual arousal
  • Heightened fantasies and enhanced anticipation of sex
  • Faster and stronger climax (orgasm)
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication
  • Increased stimulation in the genitals

Provestra is specifically designed to help a woman's organism recover from the various hormonal imbalances occurring over time, from constant stress, nutritional deficiencies, simple neglect, or a lack of adequate physical exercise.

Taking supplements like Provestra therefore takes time to deliver all the desired health benefits it aims for.

A minimum of 30 days of systematic use is therefore required to see worthwhile results.

Can this Female Libido Booster help me even if I never had an orgasm?

Yes. Provestra's natural stimulant and highly aphrodisiac formulation has helped many women enjoy sex more and experience strong orgasms, even if they've never experienced one before.

Causing the dilation of the blood vessels, it intensifies the sexual stimulation of the genitals (but also of the erogenous zones of the body in general), allowing you to enjoy deeper sexual experiences.

In addition, Provestra includes a number of herbs and nutrients that lead to stronger and more frequent muscle contractions, making it easier to orgasm.

Is it safe to use it while I am trying to get pregnant?

Provestra does not negatively affect a woman's fertility, quite the opposite.

However, after conception you should stop using the supplement, as its composition - and more specifically some of the herbs contained - is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

To avoid unpleasant reactions or complications, consult your personal gynecologist before taking Provestra (or any other nutritional supplement).

Provestra - Purchase

It is always recommended to purchase Provestra supplement directly from its official company website and not from third party sellers.

This eliminates the possibility of purchasing fake products of dubious quality.

In addition, with a purchase directly from the official seller, the user ensures the best (lowest) price for the product and benefits from relevant offers offered by the company.

The manufacturer of the Provestra supplement - Leading Edge Health - offers very advantageous purchase packages for its customers.


Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

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Am I protected if Provestra doesn't work for me?

Absolutely. The company offers all its customers a 100% money-back guarantee, valid for a full 60 days (i.e. 2 months).

If you are not completely satisfied, then you can return the bottle (and any remaining contents) and get a full refund (minus shipping costs).

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