This Article is From Feb 10, 2022

Watch: Woman Climbs Chair, Ends Up In Tears After Spotting Monitor Lizard In Restaurant

Another person scrambled to capture the monitor lizard as the woman continued to scream loudly.

A woman was filmed screaming after spotting a monitor lizard.

The sight of a monitor lizard in a restaurant sent a woman into hysterics. Footage from a restaurant in Thailand that has emerged online shows the unnamed woman standing on her chair and screaming after spotting the reptile on the ground. Another person - possibly an employee of the restaurant - scrambled to capture the monitor lizard as the woman continued to scream loudly.

The video shows the monitor lizards evading all attempts to be captured and repeatedly lunging at the hapless man trying to catch it. Meanwhile, the woman's obvious shock at the situation in which she found herself was evident by the way she continued to yell. At one point, she seemed close to tears - wiping her hand over her eyes while still refusing to get down from the chair.

The whole incident was witnessed not just by the person filming it but two other women who watched from outside the restaurant, probably attracted by the noise. In the 56-second clip, the bystanders looked amused by the whole thing. They were filmed giggling while looking in.

The monitor lizard was finally removed with the help of a pole. It was pinned down and dragged away by the man, much to the relief of the woman. In the end, the camera zoomed in to show her eyes welling up with tears after the ordeal.

The video was shared on YouTube by ViralHog where it has racked up thousands of views and comments.

"All that unnecessary screaming was ridiculous," wrote one commenter. "That lizard was probably more scared of her," said another. Some, however, agreed with the woman. "I'm with her, those things are horrifying," a viewer wrote. 

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