Watch: Two Alligators In A "Death Playoff" At Golf Course

"But it was pretty nerve-wracking seeing that."

Watch: Two Alligators In A 'Death Playoff' At Golf Course

Two alligators were filmed fighting at Hilton Head Lakes golf club.

Two alligators were captured fighting in South Carolina in a dramatic video that has left viewers stunned. A short clip from the fight, which lasted over two hours, was shared on Facebook by The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes, where the stand-off occurred. 

According to Fox 35, Matthew Proffitt was golfing with friends at the course when his group came across the sight of two alligators locking jaws. His video, which was posted by the golf course on Facebook last Thursday, shows the two reptiles thrashing about on the greens. "They would lay still for a few minutes, with their jaws locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake," Mr Proffitt said. "The fight went on for about two hours," he added.

Hilton Head Lakes described it as a "sudden death playoff" while sharing the video. Watch the video below, and don't forget to turn the volume up:

The video has been viewed over 7.9 lakh times since being posted. It has also garnered 12,000 'shares' and hundreds of amazed comments.

"It's mating season for gators, don't get in the middle," wrote one person in the comments section. "I will never golf again," another declared. 

While alligators are common in the area, Mr Proffitt said it was his first close encounter. "We were pretty sure they wouldn't mess with us, because they were locked in on each other," he told the Island Packet. "But it was pretty nerve-wracking seeing that."

This is not the first time that alligators have been spotted on a golf course. In Florida last year, a huge alligator was filmed casually strolling around a golf course.

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