This Article is From Apr 30, 2021

Watch: Florida Cyclist's Spine-Chilling Encounter With Two Alligators

The woman took a bike ride in Bird Rookery Swamp Sanctuary in Naples

Hiking or cycling in the wilderness is a great adventure, but there's no denying the fact that it is riddled with surprises - paths littered by logs of wood, bad weather or animals out in search of prey. No one would perhaps understand it better than a Florida woman, who had a spine-chilling encounter with a pair of alligators recently. The cyclist, Brenda Stelzer was riding her bike at the Bird Rookery Swamp Sanctuary in Naples. While taking a video of her surroundings, she came across two black alligators right in front of her. The viral clip has her panning the camera from one alligator to the other, but they eventually moved out of her way.

According to a local news outlet, Stelzer said that she was scared but did not panic. "I was like whether I either have to shut my phone off, back up and get a running start to bike past him quickly or just dismount the bike and put the bike between me and the alligators," she was quoted as saying.

As per FGCU Professor of Ecology and Environmental Studies, Dr. Win Everham, alligators spotted on trails are harmless.

Many internet users, however, were petrified by the scene. A comment read, "Not sure why you're still standing around to get eaten, either cycle on or cycle home". Another one sarcastically wrote, "Those alligators barely escaped with their lives". Someone decided to add humour to the situation by saying, "The alligators are just vibing".

Alligators are frequently spotted in coastal areas of Florida. Another unique video that captured the attention of social media users was that of an alligator and a shark. A resident of Florida shared on Facebook the amazing sight of a bull shark and alligator swimming together in Indian River Lagoon.

In another nail-biting video from California, a woman was seen petting two alligators. The zookeeper at California's Reptile Zoo cheekily said that they love "chin scratches". Not to forget, she was a professional and did it for the gram.

What would you have done if you unexpectedly came across a large reptile during a hike? Let us know in the comments below.


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