This Article is From Sep 15, 2022

Watch: Dehradun Cop Controls Traffic With His Dance Moves

Home Guard Jogendra Kumar, deployed as traffic police personnel in Dehradun, regulates traffic with his unique dance moves.

Watch: Dehradun Cop Controls Traffic With His Dance Moves

Jogendra Kumar controlling the traffic in Dehradun.

Some people love their jobs. No matter what the situation is, how hard the circumstances are, they will always be seen smiling. The job of a traffic cop is one of the toughest, especially in India because of the high volume of vehicular traffic. The smoke coming out of the vehicles and high-decibel noise at traffic junction made it even more stressful. But a video gaining traction on social media shows a Home Guard deployed as a Traffic Police personnel thoroughly enjoying his work.

The video of Jogendra Kumar has been posted by news agency ANI on Twitter. He is seen regulating the vehicular movement near City Heart Hospital in Uttarakhand's Dehradun.

Mr Kumar is seen blowing the whistle and gesturing to cars and two-wheelers crossing the area while dancing. He even strikes a pose while smiling and asking drivers to cross one of the lanes.

The video has received nearly 12,000 views and close to 500 likes. Twitter users are loving the enthusiasm shown by Mr Kumar.

"Homeguard personal how he is active ! Even not taking a breath or rest continuously managing directions of traffic ! I really salute the person like this," said one of the users.

"Superb devotion towards duty," tweeted another.

A few years ago, traffic cop Pratap Chandra Khandwal became famous for the interesting way he used to make people obey traffic rules in Odisha's Bhubaneswar.

The Home Guard was deployed as traffic police personnel and controlled traffic with his dance moves. He became famous among commuters for his distinctive style of controlling the traffic.

Then, Indore's traffic cop Ranjeet Singh gained global popularity for his Michael Jackson dance moves to regulate traffic. Sporting a moustache, the cop's moonwalking video across busy intersections became massively viral.

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