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Viral Video: Woman Reunites Bird With Its Baby Stuck In Drain

The heartwarming video of the reunion has been shared by an Instagram user and has garnered over 900 views.

Viral Video: Woman Reunites Bird With Its Baby Stuck In Drain

The duck and chick reunited together.

As humans, it's natural to feel sad when our loved one moves away to a distant city or country. We have means to express ourselves - we cry, we talk, and find ways to engage ourselves. But whenever we are reunited with them, the happiness is unparalleled. However, unlike us, animals can't express all these emotions. In a viral video doing rounds on the internet, a woman is seen reuniting a bird with its baby after it fell in the drain. The cute video will melt your hearts.

In the video shared by Instagram user Hudson, an agitated bird can be seen chirping and trying to tell something to the user. The woman notices that the bird moving closer to the drain and stopping near it. She soon notices that a small chick is stuck inside the drain. She gets her equipment and opens the cover of the drain to rescue the little bird, that looks unwell. After pulling her out of the drain, the woman takes the chick to her car, turns on the heater and makes sure the little chick is warm enough. Eventually, it starts moving and the woman takes it to its mother, who is still there, waiting for its baby. The moment of reunion is too heartwarming to be missed.

Watch the video here:

The video has been captioned as, "Baby plover rescue from a drain." The video was shared four days ago and since being shared, it has amassed over 900 views. Many internet users appreciated her efforts for doing such a noble deed.

"Awesome job, love that you considered the job done when the baby was more lively and not just out of the drain," said one user.

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To this, she replied, it's very important that they go back warm and ready to run if needed".

"OMG!" posted another user.

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