This Article is From Jan 30, 2020

Video: UFO Floats Behind Erupting Volcano, Triggers Alien Debate

A mysterious white light has sparked many conspiracy theories.

Video: UFO Floats Behind Erupting Volcano, Triggers Alien Debate

A white light behind an erupting volcano has triggered a debate on social media.

Mexico's highly-active Popocatepetl volcano erupted on Monday evening, spewing lava and clouds of ash into the sky. According to news website SOTT, government-run webcams captured the explosion on camera. Footage of the explosion, shared on social media, gave conspiracy theorists much to discuss - thanks to the presence of an unidentified flying object behind the volcano.

Footage of the eruption shows the Popocatepetl volcano, located in central Mexico, exploding in a fireball and sending ash and smoke into the air. Moments after the eruption, a mysterious white light floats from left to right across the volcano, leading to speculation about everything from aliens to unexplained natural phenomenon.

Watch the video below:

"A saucer-shaped object passes near the volcano," wrote one Twitter user in Spanish in the comments section. "What is it? What happened near the volcano?" another asked.

According to The Mirror, some speculated that it might be an alien spaceship, while others theorised that the light could have been a shooting star or even a meteorite.

Many others, however, pointed out that the light could simply have been an airplane or a satellite and refused to buy into any conspiracy theories.

Popocatepetl's initial eruption began at approximately 11:18 pm local time on Monday night. A second eruption took place around 40 minutes later. Authorities have warned the public to avoid the area.

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