These Hilarious Memes Imagine Life Before Important Inventions

A treasure trove of 'life before' memes to make you laugh out loud

These Hilarious Memes Imagine Life Before Important Inventions

This meme presents a hilarious take on what life would have been like before Google Maps.

There have been many important inventions and discoveries that have changed the course of history. The Internet's new favourite activity, however, seems to be imagining life without these inventions. A hilarious new meme template that has taken over social media involves imagining life before certain inventions - often with the help of bizarre and over-the-top scenes from movies and TV shows.

Netizens are coming up with hilarious scenarios, thinking about what people did before important objects were invented. The result is a treasure trove of 'life before' memes that are taking over Twitter.

If you have ever wondered how people fared before doorbells and video calling were a thing, before emojis were invented and before language was developed, take a look at these hilarious memes. These bizarre but funny 'life before' memes will definitely make you laugh out loud:

Even Paytm and Fevicol joined the fun with funny memes of their own

This isn't the first time that a bizarre meme template has captured the Internet's fancy. In May, in a random but hilarious trend, netizens began to share memes and jokes on excavators using the hashtag #JCBKiKhudayi.


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