Suniel Shetty Reveals How And Why He Keeps Himself Fit At The Age Of 62

Suniel Shetty said, "I worked 20 hours a day, never tired, wanted to do something else also... I failed a lot but I also succeeded because I had the mental and physical bandwidth to do it all."

Suniel Shetty Reveals How And Why He Keeps Himself Fit At The Age Of 62

Internet users found Suniel Shetty's post "inspiring".

Suniel Shetty, a film actor, producer and businessman, recently opened up about how fitness helped him not just personally but professionally as well.  

Taking to LinkedIn, the 62-year-old shared a video explaining how being healthy and having structured life allowed him to make the best use of the opportunities that came his way. He also explained why he still prioritises fitness and why everyone needs to focus on their health. 

In the caption of the post, Mr Shetty said, "I get asked about my fitness a lot. People are usually looking for a secret sauce or a magical fix. Unfortunately, there are none. The good thing though is that fitness is actually a lot simpler than it's made out to be. With an overload of information, we tend to complicate things. The great thing is, the HOW part becomes a lot simpler once you figure out the WHY part." 

Watch the video below: 

In the clip, Mr Shetty revealed that as an actor, even though he worked 20 hours a day, it never stopped him from being active in his business ventures. He admitted that he failed a lot in his life, but he also said that he succeeded because he had the "mental and physical bandwidth to do it all". 

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"Most importantly, (fitness) helped me to maintain discipline in everything else I have done," Mr Shetty said. Further, he also elaborated on what fitness means to him. He stated that it was the ability to carry out all the responsibilities through the day without any mental or physical strain and living without any major ailments. 

Mr Shetty said that the definition of fitness has moved beyond getting six-pack abs, flat stomachs or getting one's weight in control. "It's about being in a great space which is also very very mental," the actor stated. 

"Being fit and healthy will have the most positive impact on your life, professionally, is just a bonus... Following a pandemic that changed the world as we knew it. We owe this to our family and ourselves," he added. 

Me Shetty shared the clip a day back and since it has garnered more than 15,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments.  Internet users found his video "inspirational".

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While one user wrote, "This was completely heartwarming and pure wisdom. Thank you for doing this," another added, "Suniel Shetty you are achieving the rare feat of inspiring Millennials, GenZ, and Gen Alpha via one video. Thanks for such a helpful video that shows how to think about fitness at different life stages". 

A third commented, "You Sir, are a different level of smart/ wise. Always a pleasure reading/ listening to you on LinkedIn." "Wow... each and every word that you said makes so much sense... truly inspired... I want to be like you when am 60... I want be like you now... thank you sir for putting yourselves out here and making a difference to so many of us with just who you are being... Fit, humble and willing to give," added fourth. 

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