Runaway Kangaroo Stops Traffic On Highway. Sounds Like Australia? It Wasn't

The escaped kanagroo was returned to its owner

Runaway Kangaroo Stops Traffic On Highway. Sounds Like Australia? It Wasn't

A picture shared by the Grayson Police Department shows an officer with the kangaroo.

Residents of the tiny town of Grayson in Louisiana, USA, were recently amazed to see a small kangaroo on the loose. The incident took place on Friday, reports UPI, when early morning school traffic hit an unexpected snag as the runaway kangaroo hopped onto the road.  The Grayson Police Department said in a Facebook post that Assistant Chief Freddy Mercer found the kangaroo traveling down Louisiana highway 126 during school traffic hours. As it turned out, the marsupial was actually an escaped pet.

"Mercer was able to capture roo," said the police, adding that another police officer, Chief Bratton, returned it to its owners - but only after taking a few selfies with it.

The department shared the selfies as well as picture from when the kangaroo was captured from the highway in their Facebook post.


Since being shared online, their post has garnered dozens of comments and over 400 'shares'. Looking at the size of the animal, some on Facebook also suggested that it could be a wallaby.

"What an interesting morning! He is the cutest and so glad he is home safe & sound!" writes one person in the comments section. "He just wanted to go to school!" jokes another.


This isn't the first time that escaped kangaroos have left people scratching their heads in confusion. In July this year, an escaped white kangaroo led police on a chase around a residential neighbourhood of Germany before jumping into a pool.



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