On X User's "Separate Seat For Family" Complaint, IndiGo Says "Pre-Book"

Reacting to the tweet, Indigo recommended customers to pre-book their preferred seats online for hassle-free travel.

On X User's 'Separate Seat For Family' Complaint, IndiGo Says 'Pre-Book'

The seats went from the 10th row to the 19th row. (Representative pic)

From missing seat cushions to finding a screw in a sandwich, in recent months, several unusual incidents have occurred on IndiGo flights. Now, a man took to social media to express disappointment with IndiGo Airlines. Akshay Baheti, an X (formerly Twitter) user, shared how the airline handed over four seats far apart while he was travelling with his wife and two kids, aged 3 and 8, from Chennai to Mumbai on March 31. He revealed that he was given four different boarding passes which indicated four different seats. The seats went from the 10th row to the 19th row. The exact seats were 10E, 11B, 18E and 19B.

"I, my wife, & our 8 & 3 year old kids, traveling on @IndiGo6E on the same PNR, allotted 4 separate seats!! We 2 will manage,but not sure about those sitting next to the kids. Indigo is indeed unique. Dont think any other airline allots separate seats to 3 year olds," Mr Baheti tweeted. 

Take a look below:

Shared on Sunday, the tweet quickly garnered the attention of several social media users. It even caught the attention of IndiGo Airlines. Adding clarity to the matter, the airline wrote, "Mr Baheti, we never wish to separate a family flying together by assigning separate row seats. However, as checked, you completed your check-in at the airport, wherein the seats were assigned based on availability".

"Hence, we always recommend our customers to pre-book their preferred seats online for a hassle-free travel," the airline added

Meanwhile, several X user also shared their opinions in the comments section. While some sided with Mr Baheti, others agreed with the airline. "It's on you. You should've pre-booked seats like everyone else if you're that worried about your family," wrote one user. "You should've done online check. It's an issue with all airlines, most good seats are paid," said another. 

"@IndiGo6E This is your tactics to sell your seats, unacceptable, you can't force to make the children to sit separately," expressed a third user. "This is a strategy to sell advance seats
I request @JM_Scindia sir kindly take strict action action this airlines to intentionally doing this with many passengers," commented a fourth. 

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Earlier, a woman took to social media to share her harrowing experience with the airline. Yavanika Raj Shah, an X (formerly Twitter) user, shared a picture of a missing seat cushion on an IndiGo flight. She was flying from Bengaluru to Bhopal on flight 6E 6465.  

The airline took note of the same and expressed regret. IndiGo said that the cushions were replaced for cleaning and the cabin crew had informed the customers.

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