Mumbai Police Has A Funny Playlist For Criminals. Twitter Posts Suggestions

Mumbai Police is proving their genius yet again with a funny tweet

Mumbai Police Has A Funny Playlist For Criminals. Twitter Posts Suggestions

Twitter is sharing more songs Mumbai Police could add to this playlist.

As a Twitter user puts it, 'one of the most lit' Twitter accounts, Mumbai Police has outdone itself in the the creativity department. The account is known to post witty tweets with interesting hashtags to drive home really important messages on safety and security. Proving their genius yet again, Mumbai Police posted another entertaining tweet - this time in the form of a special playlist for criminals.

In a tweet posted three hours ago, Mumbai Police shared a message for criminals. "Our directive to the criminals? Be ready to face the music! #AttentionCriminals," says the tweet. It is accompanied with 'playlist' they recommend for criminals. And the songs they recommend... well, you should just take a look.
Since being posted, the tweet has collected over 1,800 'likes' and more than 400 retweets. Twitter loves the tweet and Mumbai Police's creativity but also haven't been able to stop themselves from sharing more songs they could add to this playlist.
A week ago, Mumbai Police won Twitter by sharing an important message using the hilarious and extremely viral Race 3 meme. The meme, based on actor Daisy Shah's "Our business is our business... none of your business" dialogue from the Race 3 trailer, was used to warn netizens against sharing personal information online.Click for more trending news

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