''Look Between Y And I'': Railways Ministry Joins The Viral ''Keyboard Letter'' Trend

Social media has been abuzz lately with a curious trend that involves looking between specific keys on your keyboard.

''Look Between Y And I'': Railways Ministry Joins The Viral ''Keyboard Letter'' Trend

The viral trend is seen as a funny way to send hidden messages.

The Railways Ministry often uses its social media handles to share fascinating pictures of railway stations across India and keeps followers up to date with the developments happening in the railways. Of late, the Ministry has also been using trending memes and viral phrases to raise awareness about rail safety. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Railways joined the viral ''Look Between Keyboard Letters'' trend to share an awareness message. 

The new trend that is making waves on the internet, simply asks users to look between two letters on their respective keyboards. People from all over the world have started joining in on the fun and have been coming up with their unique versions to signify various things. The Railway Ministry also shared its take on the viral trend on X.

''Rail Passenger: Who can dial 139? Railways: Look at your keyboard between Y and I,'' the tweet by the Ministry of Railways read. The letter between Y and I is U, which is short for ''You''. Notably, 139 is the Indian Railways helpline number for customer queries, which passengers can use for checking train schedules, fare details.

Several users responded to the tweet and shared funny responses. 

See the tweet here:

Delhi Police, Swiggy, YouTube, Blinkit and other brands have also jumped onto the bandwagon and shared memes. Delhi Police's X handle shared a witty message and wrote, "If you look at your keyboard while driving, the thing between Q and R will meet you with a challan."

However, this trend has seen mixed reactions. While some have used it playfully to spread positive messages, others find it annoyingly repetitive.

Notably, the trend's roots trace back to a 4chan post in May 2021, according to Know Your Meme. That post included a picture of Yui Hirasawa, the main character of a popular anime series, along with the caption "look between t and o" on your keyboard, yielding the character's first name.

In the past, the Railways has also participated in the 'Casual Hai' and'Just Looking Like a wow' viral trends to share informative and awareness messages. 

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