In Hair-Raising Video, Woman Captures 20Kg Python In Kochi

A video of the incident shows her expertly capturing the huge python.

In a video going viral online, a wildlife rescuer is seen rescuing a massive python.

A video that is being widely shared online shows a woman capturing a massive python that reportedly weighed 20 kilograms. The video features Kochi's well-known wildlife rescuer, Vidya Raju. Ms Raju, 60, is famous in the city for rescuing wildlife in distress, especially snakes. According to YourStory, Ms Raju's snake rescuing efforts began in 2002-2003, when her husband, a Commodore in the Indian Navy, was stationed in Goa.

Ms Raju's latest snake rescuing effort recently took place in Kochi, Kerala. A video of the incident shows her expertly capturing the huge python with help from four other people. She is seen holding the huge snake, cooing at it and putting it into a drawstring bag, while simultaneously instructing others on what to do.

The rescue took place near Tharangini apartments, a residential area in Ernakulam.

Watch the dramatic video below:

The video, which emerged online on Wednesday, has already collected thousands of views on social media. It has been widely shared on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as well as over WhatsApp. Many have praised Ms Raju's snake rescuing effort and hailed her as brave while sharing the video. Others have complimented her sensitive way in which she handled the python.

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