This Article is From May 31, 2020

Full Marks If You Can Spot All The Animals Camouflaged In These Pics

From snakes to big cats, find the animals cleverly hidden in these pics.

Full Marks If You Can Spot All The Animals Camouflaged In These Pics

Can you find the animals hidden in these pics?

There's nothing like a good puzzle to get your little grey cells working. Fortunately, social media is a place where such brainteasers abound - and one favourite format of the social media community is good old 'spot the animal' puzzles. Over the years, photos of various animals cleverly camouflaged to blend in with their surrounding have gone viral online. Take a look at some of these viral pictures and see how many animals you can find:

There's a snake hiding in plain sight in the picture below. Can you find it?

Stumped? Check the answer here.

Tired of snakes? Here's an easy and delightful one. Find the dog hiding in this picture. Your time starts now...

If you could not spot the pug, a Twitter user has shared the answer.

A predator lurks somewhere in this picture, waiting to strike at the deer.

Were you able to find it? If not, check the answer here.

In the online trend of trying to look for camouflaged animals, cats seem to have emerged as the masters of disguise. Pictures of big, small and medium-sized cats, all of them blending in well with their surroundings, have all gone viral through the years as eagle-eyed viewers tried finding the felines.

There's a fishing cat to be found somewhere in the picture of a jungle. About twice the size of house cats, fishing cats are adept swimmers and rarely spotted deep within the forest.

If you couldn't find the cat, check the answer here.

There are tigers galore in this picture. How many of them can you spot?

Confused? Check the answer here.

The seemingly simple task of looking for a leopard in this picture has left hundreds of social media users scratching their heads.

Here is the answer.

Let us know how many of these animals you could find without help? Let us know using the comments section.

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