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This Diwali, 5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Bursting Firecrackers

Ditch the firecrackers and say yes to a smog-free Diwali!

This Diwali, 5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Bursting Firecrackers

Diwali 2017: Say no to crackers and enjoy a safe festival this year

New Delhi: Diwali, the biggest celebration of the year is here and the excitement levels are at its peak at this time of the year. If, this Diwali, you and your family have dropped the idea of bursting firecrackers, congratulations! And if your plans still include firecrackers, let this handy guide give you some alternatives to those choking firecrackers. Every Diwali, a thick cloud of smog as a result of firecrackers make it increasingly difficult to breathe, so why not change that? Diwali, as the name suggests, is the festival of light NOT noise and let's keep it that way. So, after the Diwali puja, decorating your house and glamming up in new clothes, if you still have some time left, avoid reaching for the box of crackers and try these ideas instead.

Gorge It Out
On Diwali, count your blessings and not the calories. Good food makes every celebration better and you can live by that motto even on Diwali. It's one of our biggest festivals and the food that day should reflect it too. Load up on sweets, delicacies and enjoy them with family and friends. You won't realise how quickly the day went by because you were busy licking fingers!
diwali 2017 ideas food

Diwali 2017: Count the laddoos you can eat, not the calories

Think Green
Instead of choking the air with harmful firecrackers, flip things around. Plant a sapling with your family. Instead of giving gifts that may end up getting passed on to others, gift a plant. Who would mind some greenery in their home!
diwali 2017 ideas lights plants

Diwali 2017: Make it a green Diwali by planting a sapling and gifting a plant

What's On The Cards
If you're good at playing cards, put that talent to good use and make some extra money. Throw a taash party for your friends or family (more the merrier) and get cracking. If you lack the skills, then maybe a game of monopoly with real money is more your thing.
diwali 2017 ideas cards party

Diwali 2017: Bring your family together and play cards

Fam Jam
There's plenty to do if you're in no mood it lose money on Diwali. Gather your family and belt out some Bollywood numbers together. Karaoke or Antakshri - take your pick. Make some noise (not pollution) and let the filmy fever take over! If singing isn't your cup of tea, do a Barjatya/Chopra movie marathon.

Remember, bada aasaan sa game hai...

Spread The Joy
Share the cheer of Diwali with those who don't enjoy the same privileges as us. Spend time with the underprivileged children in your neighbourhood, bring them sweets and new clothes. Education is the best gift one can give, so consider gifting books or sponsoring a child's education and put that Diwali bonus to some good use. Encourage your family members to join too.

While you're at it, don't forget the furry friends. The firecrackers can be intimidating for the street cats and dogs. Let the strays take shelter inside your house or lawn when people are bursting crackers as the noise can be overwhelming for them. Give them water and some food to make them feel comfortable.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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