Chilling Video Shows The Moment A Ceiling Fan Fell Down On Gym-Goer

The CCTV footage shows him jumping away as the fan hits him

A ceiling fan fell down on a man, chilling footage captured at a gym in Vietnam shows.

A hair-raising video has captured the moment a ceiling fan fell down on an unsuspecting gym-goer, nearly causing a serious accident. Luckily, the man managed to jump away just in the nick of time, avoiding major injuries.  

Surveillance footage from a gym in Vietnam shows the moment that the man was hit on the head by the crashing ceiling fan. The 40-second clip begins by showing the man, dressed in black, walking around in a room filled with exercise equipment. He comes to a pause underneath the ceiling fan and strikes up a conversation with the only other person in the room, who is standing some distance away.

Only a few second into the conversation, however, the man is stunned to feel something hitting the back of his neck. He jumps away in alarm just as the ceiling fan, which had come dislodged, crashes to the ground, narrowly missing his neck. 

"While exercising, the ceiling fan fell close to the body. Luckily the propeller didn't cut my head and body," the man was quoted as saying by ViralHog.  

The CCTV footage shows him jumping away as the fan hits him. The two men then walk closer to the ceiling fan - now lying on the floor - and examine it before the video ends.  

On YouTube, the chilling footage has amassed a ton of horrified comments. Some people described it as their worst nightmare in the comments section. 

"This. Exactly this has been my fear for a long time. That's why I don't sleep directly under the fan," wrote one viewer. 

"This is what I think is going to happen to me," another said. 

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