Celebrity Pets At Their Goofiest Best. These Videos Will Make Your Day

From Disha Patani's overexcited dog to Arnold Schwarzenegger's adorable donkey...

Celebrity Pets At Their Goofiest Best. These Videos Will Make Your Day

These videos of celebrity pets are sure to make you smile.

There's nothing like videos of animals being silly to put anyone in a good mood. In fact, research suggests that watching cute animal videos is more than just a good way to pass time - it's also a stress buster. Little wonder, then, that social media is teeming with posts about adorable cats, dogs, hamsters, bunnies and other pets. And when it comes to being pet owners, celebrities are just like us. They love to share updates about their pets with the world, delighting fans and followers.

Here are some videos of celebrity pets at their goofiest best that are sure to put a smile on your face. Take a look:

Actor Disha Patani is a proud pet parent. In this viral video, her excited dog Goku shows how everyone will (probably) act once the coronavirus-induced lockdown is lifted for good. "#PostLockdown," wrote Disha Patani while sharing the clip, which has collected over 3 million views and more than 2,000 amused comments on Instagram.

My goku❤️ #postlockdown

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Talking of dogs, actor Ram Kapoor also shares frequent updates about his pet Popeye on Instagram, delighting thousands of viewers. In this one, Popeye seems to be the polar opposite of Goku, too tired even to carry the weight of his own head. "I think his head is too big for his body... what do you guys think?" wrote Ram Kapoor while sharing a video of the pooch resting his head on a piece of furniture.

Some dogs are excitable, others are lazy. This one just seems puzzled about what his human wants from him. Actor Arshad Warsi's daughter Zene decided to teach their dog Ziggy the good old 'playing dead' trick, and the smart doggy learned it too. But when it came to actually doing it in front of an audience - including Zene's mother Maria Goretti who later shared the video on Instagram - it seems like the dog got performance anxiety. This video is sure to leave you in splits:

And it's not just dogs who are winning Instagram. Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been isolating at home during the pandemic with his donkey Lulu. This video of little Lulu hopping over a tiny stair and 'working out' with Mr Schwarzenegger has gone massively viral on Instagram with 5 million views.

Lulu pumps up.

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Here is a look at how celebs are spending time with their pets during the lockdown.

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