This Article is From Sep 01, 2020

Bizarre Apartment Listing Goes Viral. Do You See Why?

A space-saving hack? Not really, says Twitter.

Bizarre Apartment Listing Goes Viral. Do You See Why?

A studio flat listing has gone viral for its bizarre layout.

A studio flat in the UK has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. While many homeowners come up with unique space-saving hacks to make the most out of small living spaces - this one seems to have missed the mark completely. The studio flat listing that has gone viral online shows a bed placed on top of the flat's staircase to create a makeshift bedroom. The bizarre layout has left many baffled - more so because it listed the price of the apartment at a whopping 1,25,000 pounds - or approximately Rs 1.2 crore - reports The Sun.

The studio flat in Worthington, West Sussex, comes with an open plan kitchen, a white bathroom suite and double glazed windows. The listing also boasts of a studio room that has "a built in bed over the stairs."

Be careful about rolling over at night - it could send you crashing down the stairs. 

A Twitter user shared bizarre pics of the studio flat on Twitter, where they have amused many. Take a look:

Since being shared on the microblogging platform, the real estate listing has gone viral with hundreds of 'likes' and comments.

"How is that bed legal. You roll over and you DIE," wrote one person in the comments section.

"There's a perfectly adequate floor with enough space for the bed??? It doesn't need to be suspended over anything, let alone stairs?" another remarked. 

It also prompted many to share other baffling real estate listings:

According to Fox News, the apartment has been removed from the listing website. It is not clear why the flat owner decided to construct a bed on top of the stairs.

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