Artwork Made From Moose Poop Is A Surprise Hit Online

She uses moose poop to create unique works of art

Artwork Made From Moose Poop Is A Surprise Hit Online

A picture shared on the Facebook page Tirdy Works.

What do you think of when you think of art? Whatever it is, we're betting it's not moose droppings. However, for one woman in Maine, art is made of exactly that. Somerville resident Mary Winchenbach has become an Internet sensation thanks to her unique artworks made from moose poop. According to UPI, Mary came to the Internet's attention after she set up a stall at a local fair to sell her poopy artwork. She is now using social media to sell figurines, clocks and other wares - all made from what moose leave behind.

Her Facebook page, called Tirdy Works, has been 'liked' by thousands of people and her creations have collected a ton of appreciative comments.


"Everyone goes to the bathroom so everyone can relate to that. The terms that I used to name these products are everyday terms that people are used to hearing so I just kind of try to combine the two to come up with something halfway decent that's funny," Mary tells NBC.

She adds that all the faeces used in her products is locally sourced.

"The turds are all local," she says. "We just go out and track the moose... I have found that when I moose takes a dump you walk about 50 yards in any direction and they take another dump."

You can see some of her creations below:

From clocks


To magnets




Even jewellery...


Her creations are definitely a hit online, with the comments section full of order enquiries.

"How do we buy these and do you have shirts or hoodies to wear!" asks one person in the comments section. "I can't stop laughing," says another. "I have to are definitely very creative!" a third writes.

What do you think of this artwork? Let us know using the comments section below.


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