Anand Mahindra's Meme Sums Up Everyone's Frustration With Webinars

Anand Mahindra had denounced virtual seminars or webinars in a tweet a few days ago.

Anand Mahindra's Meme Sums Up Everyone's Frustration With Webinars

Businessman Anand Mahindra shared a meme on webinars.

Businessman Anand Mahindra has a meme that sums up everyone's frustration with webinars. As people across the world stay indoors and work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, the number of seminars being conducted online has been on the rise - but not everyone is a fan of them. Only a few days ago, Mr Mahindra, 65, had taken to Twitter to denounce webinars, saying that an invite to one more might just send him into a "serious meltdown" and asking if the word could be banished from the dictionary. 

Mr Mahindra's tweet had gone quickly viral online, with many agreeing with his opinion of webinars. He took to the microblogging platform again this morning to share a meme that many of his friends sent him after reading about his frustration with online seminars. "Numerous friends shared this meme with me after reading about my frustration with 'webinars.' Seems like a new medical condition called a Webinarcoma," he quipped while sharing the meme. 

The meme - a still from Mughal-E-Azam - shows Salim trying to wake Anarkali up, supposedly after a boring webinar. Take a look: 

His post is going viral on the microblogging platform. In less than an hour of being posted, the meme has collected over 2,500 'likes' and a ton of amused comments.

After denouncing webinars in a tweet last month, Anand Mahindra had asked Twitter to suggest "customised labels" that could help replace the word. The appeal had prompted responses by the hundreds - with businessman Harsh Goenka and actor Riteish Deshmukh joining the fun and suggesting their own alternatives to the offending word. 

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