After 2 Years, The Saga Of The Bull Elk With A Tyre Around Its Neck Is Over

The video has clocked more than 160K views on Twitter.

After 2 Years, The Saga Of The Bull Elk With A Tyre Around Its Neck Is Over

Park officials in Colorado were able to remove the tyre after two years

“Keep trying until you succeed”. Most of us have often come across a time in our lives when this quote has come in handy. And, something similar happened with a team of wildlife officers at Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the US. Scott Murdoch and his team, after a two-year-long quest, were finally able to track down the bull elk with a tyre around its neck and help the animal get rid of it. Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video of the operation on Twitter. It also thanked the locals for passing on the information regarding the bull elk. After tranquilizing the animal, the officers cut off its five-point antlers to remove the tyre. 

Along with the clip, the park authority wrote, “The saga of the bull elk with a tire around its neck is over. Thanks to the residents just south of Pine Junction on CR 126 for reporting its location, wildlife officers were able to free it of that tyre on Saturday.”

While many lauded the efforts of the wildlife officers, a few wanted to know why they choose to cut the antlers instead of the tyre?

To this, Colorado Parks and Wildlife explained, “Wildlife officers were not able to cut the steel in the bead of the tyre when they tried. They would have preferred to cut the tyre and leave the antlers for his rutting activity, but the situation was dynamic and they had to just get the tyre off any way possible.”

Another user said, “Who would put a tyre around an Elk's neck?”

Some thanked the wildlife officers for helping the bull elk.

“You guys are heroes. I have been watching this bull for years along with America and we love him that big boy…. He's gotten so big. Thank you for being your brother's keeper,” read a comment.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife also shared clips of the bull elk that were recorded over the last two years.

In a subsequent tweet, they uploaded another clip, which talked about “the possibilities of how the tyre got on there and what it would take to remove the tyre.”

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