A Seasoned Shoplifter: Seagull Runs Away With Stolen Snack In Hilarious Video

4.8 million views for this video - and counting.

A Seasoned Shoplifter: Seagull Runs Away With Stolen Snack In Hilarious Video

A seagull runs away after stealing a snack in this hilarious video.

Seagulls have earned a bad reputation for stealing food right from the hands of unsuspecting beachgoers. These seabirds are infamous for swooping down to snatch food from their hapless victims in a manoeuvre that can strike terror in most. A recent video, alarmingly enough, suggests that seagulls are now employing more sophisticated methods for their snack heists. 

The hilarious video, which has gone viral on social media, shows a sneaky seagull casually entering a shop, looking like the very picture of innocence, before grabbing a snack from a shelf and running out at top speed. 

The video, which was first shared on Tumblr, began to go viral after it made its way to Twitter. It was shared on the microblogging platform by television personality Ziya Tong, who wrote: "Note the casual entry and hurried exit. This is an experienced seagull shoplifter."

The hilarious clip has collected a whopping 4.8 million views and hundreds of amused comments. 

"She even knocked one on to the floor to create a diversion. Fantastic," wrote one person.

"I have analysed a lot of footage of crimes, looking at details, comparing what I observe with what I know of other crimes, behaviour, etc. It is my educated professional conclusion that this is not the first time this perp committed this crime," another joked. 

Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda was among those who shared it on the microblogging platform. "Has to be a professional shoplifter," he wrote, amused by the bird's nonchalant entry. "Note the casual entry and hurried exit..." he added.

Seasoned shoplifter or just a lucky bird who managed to escape with a snack? Let us know what you think using the comments section.

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