A Bear Climbs Out Of A Well In Maharashtra. Rescue Video Wins Hearts

Two bears fell into an open well in Maharashtra's Salekasa range.

A Bear Climbs Out Of A Well In Maharashtra. Rescue Video Wins Hearts

A bear uses a ladder to climb out of a well.

In a four-hour-long operation, forest department officials rescued two sloth bears that fell into an open well in Maharashtra. One of the bears was filmed using a ladder to climb out of the well in a video that is being widely circulated online.

A rapid rescue team of the forest department on Monday saved the two sloth bears which had fallen into a well in Salekasa range of Gondia district, an official said, according to news agency PTI. "It took us four hours to rescue the two sloth bears. The crowd that had gathered was also creating hindrances. The two animals were released in the wild," the official added. 

Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda shared a video of the rescue on Twitter this morning, where it has won praise from viewers. "Amidst the two gloomy news of Corona & Amphan we are navigating here, this cheered my heart," he wrote while sharing the short clip, where a person is seen dangling something on a rope, apparently in a bid to lure the bear out. 

Watch the video below:

The rescue operation has won hearts on the microblogging platform, with many praising the officials who made it possible.

"Great job," wrote one person in the comments section. 

"The bear helps himself up. Beautiful sight. Thanks to the frontline warriors who helped these bears," another said. 

The bears were released into the wild after the rescue. 

In April, a leopard trapped in a well in Madhya Pradesh was also rescued by lowering a ladder for the big cat to climb onto. 

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