This Article is From Aug 06, 2012

Kate Middleton prefers cooking for her husband than clubbing

Kate Middleton prefers cooking for her husband than clubbing
New Delhi: Britain's Duchess of Cambridge Catherine's perfect evening involves cooking for her husband Prince William.

Catherine - who wed Prince William in a glittering ceremony in London's Westminster Abbey in April 2011 - loves spending the night in with her husband and eschews clubbing dates because she prefers working in the kitchen.

A source told Vanity Fair magazine: "Some might say it's a little dull, but they love it. I saw William recently and he is so happy. They've grown out of clubbing and have no interest in parties. They just enjoy being together at home."

Another pal added: "Kate was on the King's Road not so long ago carrying a shopping bag with chicken in it that she was taking home to cook for William's supper. That's their idea of the perfect night."

The whole Royal family is said to be delighted with how things are going at the moment as a result of the nuptials.

Another insider added: "There's happiness in the House of Windsor generally at the moment for the first time ever. Charles and Camilla are genuinely happy. William is happy because Charles is troubled less and he has Kate to share his future with."