Jacqueliene Fernandez In Bangkok's Floating Market Finds "Love Light Happiness And Baby Goats"

Among many cultural experiences, Jacqueliene Fernandez explores Bangkok's unique Floating Markets

Jacqueliene Fernandez In Bangkok's Floating Market Finds 'Love Light Happiness And Baby Goats'

Bangkok is a cultural hub that stars like Jacqueliene Fernandez love to explore

Jacqueliene Fernandez loves to travel. The right question is - who doesn't? When her trip involves boat rides and adorable animals, her “love light happiness” shoots the roof. For proof, we have the actress' latest Instagram post. She hasn't revealed where she is in the description but with shops of each kind on each side of the river with Thai lettering on containers, it could only mean one place (among many) - Bangkok's famous Floating Markets. Dressed in a dark brown midi dress with a Chanel handbag and Dior slides, this Bollywood star beams with joy around local shops and treats. Bangkok's floating markets are one of the city's star attractions. Apart from the distance, tour prices and an early wake-up time, an experience at one of many floating markets in Bangkok is truly one of a kind. And who knows, you may even make friends with baby goats on the way, in true Jacqueliene Fernandez style. 

Jacqueliene Fernandez makes the most of her Bangkok trip at a floating market. For shopping, cultural or adventurous excursions, here's a quick guide to help you plan your next holiday to this bustling city. 

1. Float Away At A Floating Market

Bangkok's floating markets are a must-visit for an enriching cultural experience. Hundreds of boats packed with food, fruits, herbs and fresh flowers among other things are sold by local shopkeepers on boats or offshore to give visitors a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Some of the goods and services are often more expensive here due to the tourist popularity but that should not stop you from absorbing this unique experience.

2. Visit The Dusit Zoo

It is Thailand's first zoo, constructed decades ago and houses some of the rarest animals in the world. Explore the premises on a sightseeing train or a paddle boat to witness animals like the White Bengal Tigers, Albino Barking Deer, Penguins, Pandas, Koalas, Elephants, and Zebras. 

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3. Cruise Along The Chao Praya River 

Enjoy scenic views of Bangkok as you cruise along the iconic Chao Praya River. Tour packages offer a daytime and evening excursion with meals to satiate your eyes with views and bellies with local Thai cuisine as you spend time with your loved ones. 

4. Exploring Thonburi Neighbourhood 

The most famous places to see in Thonburi are the tiny canals, beautifully constructed wooden homes, and Wat Arun, the most prominent Buddhist temple. Other noteworthy spots are Santa Cruz Cathedral and the Royal Barges Museum.

5. "Shop Till You Drop" At Chatuchak Weekend Market

From clothing to ceramics, handicrafts to books and furniture to antiques, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest flea market in Asia is the place to be. If there ever was a place that redefined "shop till you drop," it is this expansive marketplace. 

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