"If You Don't Get The Hair Right, It Can Literally Make Or Break Your Look", Says Deepika Padukone On Her Hairstyling Secrets

Deepika Padukone speaks about her favourite way to wear her hair and spills her hairstyling secrets

'If You Don't Get The Hair Right, It Can Literally Make Or Break Your Look', Says Deepika Padukone On Her Hairstyling Secrets

The Right Hairstyle "Can Make Or Break Your Look", Says Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, as a phenomenal Bollywood actress, global celebrity, and beauty entrepreneur, has many titles under her belt. Besides her impeccable fashion sense, the actress is also known for signature bronzed beauty looks and effortless hairstyling. From a sleek ponytail to a messy bun to a slicked back look, the actress has slayed every hairstyle with confidence and poise. Here, the star gives us a peek into her top-notch hair game and styling secrets.

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"Keep It Simple"

"My relationship with my hair is a journey of self-expression and confidence. Well-styled, healthy hair defines a personal style statement. Therefore, hair styling should always include essential measures to protect it. I am often asked if I follow a strict regime with lots of products, and my response has always been - keep it simple", elaborates Deepika on the core of her regimen.

"Hair Can Literally Make Or Break Your Look"

The star believes that a great outfit is important but so is one's hair. "I feel like you can wear the most amazing clothes and have the most amazing makeup, but if you don't get the hair right, it can literally make or break your look", she exemplifies.

Deepika's Favourite Hairstyle

For Deepika, it's open hair. It's her go-to hairstyle as it works equally for the day and the evening. Open hairstyles can complement a meeting or running errands and can be effortlessly transformed into chic hairdos too.

Deepika's Hairstyling Secrets

For Deepika, it's the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer for Deepika. "It dries my hair so fast within a couple of minutes and it doesn't damage the hair at all," she says.

Tied-Up Hair Or Hair Down For Deepika?

Deepika doesn't have a preference here. She elaborates, "It really depends on the look, on how I'm feeling, on what I'm wearing, on the occasion."

Deepika's Hairstyling Process

"I like to start with a heat protectant, choose a style that's simple yet elegant and one that works efficiently with a blow dryer. It's all about those finishing touches; whether it's a sleek ponytail or loose waves that add that touch of glam", she concludes.

Tied-up hair or tresses left loose, Deepika Padukone's hairstyles always win in our books.

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