Emily Ratajkowski Puts Not One But Two Massive Diamond "Divorce Rings" On It

Emily Ratajkowski's "divorce rings" are separate versions of her iconic diamond engagement ring

Emily Ratajkowski Puts Not One But Two Massive Diamond 'Divorce Rings' On It

Emily Ratajkowski's "divorce rings" celebrates acceptance takes pride in her life's new phase

Emily Ratajkowski loves claiming the top spot in the daily headlines. Not for her bold fashion choices this time but still making a statement, now that's got a ring to it isn't it? Emily Ratajkowski certainly does and not one but two of them. In her latest Instagram post captioned, "divorce rings" where Emily Ratajkowski posed with two enormous diamond rings on her fingers that if anyone recalls look like two separate versions of her engagement ring from ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Emily's toi-moi ring engagement ring was designed by jewellery designer Alison Lou and went on to become one of the most popular trends of the wedding season. It was only fair for the jewellery designer to return and create something just as iconic.

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In an interview with Elle, she shared how her friend Stephanie Dandler's essay "The Unravelers" gave her the idea for the concept. "I just love the idea of a woman unabashedly having symbols to show the many lives she's lived," Ratajkowski says. The model was convinced that she wanted to redesign the ring even though she loved the existing shape. "But the design had obviously been copied so many times that I was like, 'It doesn't feel special anymore," she says. 

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"Obviously our culture focuses so much on youth and being young and beautiful as like woman's only value or femme presenting people's only value, and I definitely don't feel that way," Ratajkowski says. "I've lived a lot of lives. I'm 32. I've lived a lot of lives already and I plan to live more, and I'm not gonna be shy about that. I'm not embarrassed of that." It is evident that women aren't getting drastic haircuts over breakups anymore; they're buying themselves diamonds and frankly, we love this journey for them. 

Emily Ratajkowski's move to redesign her engagement ring for this new phase of her life is a way to celebrate women's ever-changing ability to reinvent and transform into their best versions.

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