Disha Patani Never Looks Back Unless It Is To Perform A Perfect Backflip

Disha Patani returns to gymnastics to mark the start of a brand new week with fitness inspiration

Disha Patani Never Looks Back Unless It Is To Perform A Perfect Backflip

Disha Patani gears up for the week ahead with gymnastics

Disha Patani's unwavering dedication towards her workout regimen can't be stressed enough. Her strong and sculpted physique narrates that brilliantly. From her iconic flying kicks to somersaults, Disha makes it look like a cakewalk. After her back-to-back dance sessions, Disha has finally resumed her “training” routine. Kicking away the Monday blues like a true fitness icon, Disha dropped a video of herself attempting her signature backflip. It won't be wrong to say that she channelled her inner “ninja” perfectly for this one. Dressed in an oversized white T-shirt and pink shorts, Disha began with a cartwheel and then smoothly transformed it into a backflip. Acing backflips is an amazing way to maintain balance and flexibility in your body. It enhances your power and strengthens your abs. Cartwheels, on the other hand, enhance your blood flow in your body and help in strengthening your bones like arms, wrists, shoulders and spine. In the caption, Disha revealed that she was being trained by Bollywood action trainer Nadeem Akhtar. Sharing the clip, Disha wrote, “Training after ages Nadeem Akhtar coach ninja.” 

Before this, we spotted Disha Patani attempting backflips from a certain height. In the clip, which she dropped on her Instagram Stories, the actress was seen nailing backflips and reverse flips effortlessly. Once again, while sharing the clip she wrote, “Training after ages needs to get back to the routine. Can't wait to fly back again.”

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TBH, Disha Patani's social media is the one-stop solution for all kinds of fitness training. In one of the videos, which she shared on her Instagram, we spotted Disha Performing high-intensity weight training, along with a variation of squats with barbells on her shoulders. FYI: This squat variation is a must-try exercise if you wish to strengthen your glutes and thigh muscles. In addition, it also helps improve flexibility. The video also showed her indulging in another variation of squats called dumbbell squats which was followed by a glute bridge using a barbell to aid overall muscle strength.

Trust Disha Patani to dish out the right kind of motivation for beginners and pros alike to hit the gym.

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