1 Gun In Mouth, 2 In Hands: Suspended BJP Lawmaker Dances At House Party

Kunwar Pranav Singh 'Champion' is seen standing in the middle of his living room, waving his guns.

Suspended BJP lawmaker Kunwar Pranav Singh 'Champion' holds up guns as he dances in a video.

New Delhi:

A BJP lawmaker in Uttarakhand, who was suspended by his party last month, dances with abandon to a Hindi song as he holds guns in both his hands and one in his mouth, in a video that has been widely shared on social media.

In what appears to be a night of revelry, Kunwar Pranav Singh 'Champion' - dressed in a black vest and white trousers - takes a sip of a drink as he holds up two pistols in his left hand in his living room. He then gives the glass to his assistant and takes another gun from him, continuing to wave them as he moves to the song.

Justifying brandishing guns, Mr Singh says the weapons were not loaded and he has a license for them. "This is a conspiracy. They are licensed weapons and not loaded. I am not pointing towards anyone or threatening anyone. What's the crime? Is drinking alcohol and keeping a licensed gun a crime?"

The BJP has expressed its displeasure at the lawmaker's act and said action will be taken against him.

Last month, Mr Singh was suspended by the BJP for three months on disciplinary grounds after he allegedly misbehaved with journalists. He was also given a show-cause notice.

He is the lawmaker from Laksar in Haridwar.

"I've seen that video. I condemn it. These kinds of complaints came against Pranav Singh 'Champion' earlier as well, that's why he was suspended for three months. We'll talk to the Uttarakhand unit about it. Strict action will be taken," the BJP's national media in-charge Anil Baluni said.

"We will look into the matter and also verify if the weapons are licensed or not," a police officer was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Three years ago, Kunwar Pranav Singh 'Champion' was among nine lawmakers who revolted against then chief minister Harish Rawat and switched from the Congress to the BJP.

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  • Kunwar Pranav Singh from Uttarakhand was suspended by BJP last month
  • Was seen dancing, waving guns on video with two others
  • Party upset over video, said action will be taken against him
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