This Article is From Dec 19, 2022

Video: Violence At Allahabad University, Stones Thrown, Bike Set On Fire

Allahabad University: A video circulating on social media showed protesters throwing stones at the guards

Protesters and security guards clash at Allahabad University


A large crowd and security guards clashed at the prestigious Allahabad University this evening after an argument over entry to the campus spiralled out of control.

A video circulating on social media showed protesters throwing stones at the guards and at policemen who were called to the campus after the violence started.

A motorcycle was set on fire. A second video purportedly showed the guards hitting the protesters with batons at the main gate.

The violence erupted after a former student leader had an argument with the university guards who were allegedly not letting him enter the campus.

The leader has been part of a prolonged protest at the campus over fee hike that has been going on for a few months. The university administration has said it will not take back the fees hike.

Both sides have claimed injuries. The police said the situation is under control and relatively calmer now. Commissioner of Police Ramit Sharma told reporters the protesters have been made to sit near the students' union office and all their complaints will be heard.

Allahabad Central University's spokesperson Jaya Kapoor said some unruly elements tried to break open the lock of the university gate and assaulted the security guards. "After this, the miscreants vandalised and set fire on the premises...due to which an atmosphere of fear and anarchy prevailed on the campus," Ms Kapoor said.

"The miscreants are not students of the university. They set a motorcycle on fire, broke the glasses of two teachers' cars, set a generator on fire and also torched the university canteen...It is regrettable that the police had to see this entire incident as a mute spectator. The unruly elements also fired shots in the air," she said.

The university will remain shut tomorrow.