Video: Nurse Beats Men For Making Video Of Mismanagement In Bihar Hospital

Two youths who visited Sadar Hospital in the Bihar district of Chhapra for a medical certificate were beaten up by nurses.

Youths were making videos in a government hospital.

Two young men were violently beaten with sticks by the nursing staff at a hospital in Bihar after they were locked inside a room. The horrifying act gained attention as the incident's footage went viral on social media. The incident had place in the Chhapra District Hospital in Bihar's Saran District.

In the video, it is seen that a nurse beats two young men harshly, one by one, with a stick, as another nurse stands by to support her. Both of the young men are pleading, but the nurses keep beating them.

The young men were reportedly apprehended by the nurse as they were filming the hospital's poor management.

According to the reports, the individuals had arrived at the hospital to obtain a medical certificate but instead began filming the inefficiency they witnessed there. The nurses and medical personnel found this to be intolerable. 

However, it is audible in the video that the nurse is reprimanding the young men, telling them to go film their mother and sister instead.

As a result, the two were caught by hospital staff, who then beat them with sticks in a room. The hospital staff also pressured the men to delete the video.

The video of the incident is becoming fiercely viral on social media. It is being said that the men were released after the intervention of the superintendent of the hospital. 

After the video went viral, people started tagging the Bihar Health Department on social media and demanding action on the matter. At the same time, some social media users are accusing the young men of misbehaviour and calling the nurses' reactions right.