This Article is From Sep 17, 2018

Top Quotes From Mohan Bhagwat's Speech On Day-1 Of RSS Samvad

RSS believes in an "India which includes everyone," Mohan Bhagwat said today.

Top Quotes From Mohan Bhagwat's Speech On Day-1 Of RSS Samvad

Sangh is the most democratic organisation, RSS chief insisted at the mega event. (File)

New Delhi:

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on the first day of the three-day conclave 'Bhavishya Ka Bharat' - An RSS Perspective' talked several issues including nationalism, freedom movement, among other issues. 

Here are the top quotes from Mohan Bhagwat's speech at the RSS Samvad: 

  • India is a country full of diversity and it must be respected and celebrated.
  • In the form of Congress, a big freedom movement had started in the country which gave many great personalities.
  • For the sake of uniting the society, no one is stranger to us, not even those who are opposed to us.
  • We believe in an India which includes everyone and does not exclude anybody. That is why we try to approach everyone.
  • We do not want to dominate the society. The Sangh wants common man to lead the society in the right direction.
  • People tell us that Sangh is becoming faceless. We want to be faceless so that we don't become arrogant. If tomorrow pictures of Mohan Bhagwat start getting published in newspapers, it will be a matter of concern for Mohan Bhagwat.
  • Dr Hedgewar (the founding chief of the RSS) always used to say for how long will we blame the Muslim invaders and British for our state. How did it happen that a handful of invaders from thousands of miles away conquered this nation of warriors. He used to say there is some problem in you which you need to correct.
  • When we forgot our values, our decline started. If you study it, then India's decline started with our decline. The solution is to come back to it (values).
  • This value-based behaviour and culture is our Hinduness. Therefore, Hindutva unites us.
  • Hedgewar said we will organise Hindu community. He did not make this proclamation because he wanted to oppose somebody, but he wanted to unite people.
  • Who will be in power, what policy the country will accept is something to be decided by the society and people. There are mechanisms in place for that...We are not concerned about that, what we are concerned about is the conduct of the society.
  • Sangh is the most democratic organisation. We function by consensus. Here every worker can express his views. There are no restrictions...We have started our work to make a certain kind of people and society and we do not want anything else.
  • People often believe that RSS is a dictatorial organisation and that one man decides everything... If you want to see the most open organisation, then you should come to Sangh. There is no restriction. An RSS worker conducts himself in line with values given to him by the organisation.