On PM's Birthday, Surat Bakery's 71-Foot-Long 'Corona Warrior' Theme Cake

PM Modi's 70th Birthday: The cake, themed on 'corona warriors, will send the message that "we will win the battle against coronavirus", the former Mayor of Surat said. Seven 'corona warriors' were present at the event.

On PM's Birthday, Surat Bakery's 71-Foot-Long 'Corona Warrior' Theme Cake

PM Modi's Birthday Image: A bakery in Surat celebrates with 71 foot long cake

PM Modi's Birthday: A bakery in Surat made a 71-foot-long cake to mark Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 70th birthday today. The cake, weighing 771 kilos, was themed on 'corona warriors'. Portion of the cake will be distributed among children and the rest sold at different outlets. In a video posted on Instagram, the bakers described the cake and cut it at a particular time after a dramatic countdown. 

The bakery hosted a digital event to show the cake cutting ceremony. The bakery has been celebrating PM Modi's birthday for the last three years. "This year, the cake has been named 'cake for corona warriors' in view of the COVID-19 pandemic," Nitin Patel, the organiser of the event, told news agency ANI.

"The cake cutting ceremony on PM's birthday was held while maintaining social distance and all necessary precautions were taken. At the event, seven 'corona warriors' were also present. The cake has images of 'corona warriors' like the police, plasma donors and doctors...," Mr Patel said. 

"First, we will distribute the cake among children and after that the remaining portion will be divided into units of 500 grams each and sold at all outlets of the bakery from Vapi to Vadodara," Mr Patel added. 

"The Digital Namo cake weighing 711 kilos was cut by the 'corona warriors' to send the message that we will win the battle against coronavirus," Ashmita Shiroya, the ex-Mayor of Surat said.