"Paratha Kha Raha Hoon": Uber Driver's Honesty Wins Internet

The government recently held a meeting with ride-hailing platforms Uber and Ola amid a rise in consumer complaints.

'Paratha Kha Raha Hoon': Uber Driver's Honesty Wins Internet

Consumers have complained against Uber's ride cancellation policy.

Many of us have faced a situation where Uber drivers have cancelled the ride at the last minute, after calling and checking about the destination. But one driver's honesty is winning the hearts for assuring a passenger that he will definitely pick her up.

“This is the type of honesty i hope to achieve in life,” said Twitter user Karishma Mehrotra, pasting a screenshot of her chat with the driver on Uber.

Ms Mehrotra asked the driver if he is coming to pick her up.

"Aaunga hundred percent ek paratha kha raha hun aadha bacha (I will come 100 per cent, I am eating a paratha, only half is left),” the driver replied as seen in the screeshot.

“Sacchai maine bata diya (I have told you the truth)," he further said.

Twitter users appreciated the honesty shown by the driver and some of them even asked Ms Mehrotra if he even turned up, to which she replied in the affirmative.

The tweet has been liked by 4,303 people and has been retweeted 262 times.

“Pls tip him for honesty and for being an inspiration for uber drivers!!” said a Twitter user.

“This is so adorably funny I'm crying,” said another. “Hard to leave mid parantha,” a third Twitter user said.

The government recently held a meeting with ride-hailing platforms Uber and Ola amid a rise in consumer complaints of alleged unfair trade practices by them, including ride cancellation policy, as drivers force customers to cancel trips after accepting bookings, which results in customers paying cancellation penalties.

"We told them about the rising consumer complaints against their platforms. We gave them the statistics also. We have asked them to improve their system and redress the consumer complaints otherwise the competent authority will take strict action," Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said after the meeting.

Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare, who was also present at the meeting, said that cab aggregators should immediately come out with solutions.