This Article is From Feb 25, 2023

Video: Road In South Delhi Caves In, Dog And 2 Motorbikes Fall Into Sinkhole

A video, shared on Twitter by ANI and verified by Delhi Police, captured the moment a portion of the road caved.

No fatalities were reported, Delhi Police said.

A road in the RK Puram area of New Delhi collapsed on Wednesday, plunging one dog and two parked motorcycles into the sinkhole that formed. A video, shared on Twitter by ANI and verified by Delhi Police, captured the moment a portion of the road caved. The incident took place at around 12:40 in the afternoon. No fatalities were reported, the cops said.

"A road collapsed in Delhi's RK Puram area on February 22. A dog and a bike fell inside a hole formed after a narrow passage of the road collapsed. No fatalities were reported: Delhi Police," ANI wrote in the caption of the post. 

Watch the video below: 

As per PTI, following the incident, a senior police officer said no injury was reported and the road has since been repaired. 

In the video, a dog is seen napping on the road alongside two parked motorcycles. A few seconds later, a portion of the road suddenly gives way, sending the dog and one of the bikes plunging in. While onlookers rush to the spot, scrambling for safety, another part of the road also caves in moments later and sends the second motorcycle falling into the sinkhole. 

ANI shared the video just a few hours back and since then it has collected more than 43,000 views. In the comment section, while some Twitter users criticised the construction quality, others expressed concern about the dog as its condition could not be determined from the video alone. 

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"Posh areas of Delhi.. Hollow from beneath," wrote one user. "Horrifying," commented another. 

A third user said, "Adjacent house had probably built a basement extending under the road, which collapsed," while a fourth expressed, "Dog sensed it but, by the time it figured out it was too late". 

Sinkholes can arise in a variety of ways, but they often occur when the ground under the land surface dissolves into groundwater and is washed away, leaving an open cavern covered only by a thin layer of Earth. Sinkholes may also be caused by human action, with groundwater pumping and construction activities altering the natural ground structure and water drainage patterns.