This Article is From May 05, 2021

"Postpone Weddings": Nitish Kumar's Appeal To Bihar On Day 1 Of Lockdown

Bihar Lockdown: Weddings are allowed with not more than 50 guests

'Postpone Weddings': Nitish Kumar's Appeal To Bihar On Day 1 Of Lockdown

Bihar Lockdown: Such steps will help in breaking the chain of transmission, Nitish Kumar said (File)


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has urged the people of the state to defer weddings and other social functions to break the chain of Covid transmission. The appeal comes a day after he announced a 10-day lockdown.

"The government is taking proactive steps to ensure people's protection from the coronavirus pandemic. The government had to take the tough decision of imposing a lockdown - from today till May 15. Please cooperate in the fight against the virus by following anti-Covid rules," he tweeted in Hindi.

"Amid an unprecedented situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, I urge the people of the state that social functions like weddings, where people congregate, should be postponed if possible. Such steps will help in breaking the chain of transmission. This will be in your and your family's interest," he added.  

The lockdown was announced hours after the Patna High Court warned that it would have to step in if the decision was not taken by the state government.

Per the lockdown rules, weddings are allowed with not more than 50 guests, but the use of dancing jockeys or DJs, and marriage processions are banned. At funerals, only 20 people are allowed.

All government and private offices will remain shut during the lockdown period. However, essential services like civil defence, electricity supply, water supply, fire services, veterinary work, postal and telecommunication are allowed.

Hospitals, medical laboratories, ambulance services, and other health-related outlets are out of the ambit of the lockdown as are banking, ATMs and insurance services. Industrial and construction work, besides agricultural activities, e-commerce, and courier services have also been exempted.

Shops selling groceries are allowed to function for four hours every day – between 7 am to 11 am. 

Bihar has been reporting over 10,000 cases for several days amid the rapid second wave of Covid. The state's positivity rate is hovering at around 10 per cent.

The state's health infrastructure has been stretched to its limits because of the caseload.

India on Wednesday reported 3.82 lakh daily cases and 3,780 deaths in 24 hours.