This Article is From Sep 26, 2013

Narendra Modi addresses rally in Trichy: Highlights

Narendra Modi addresses rally in Trichy: Highlights
Tiruchirapalli: A day after addressing a rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat Chief Minister was in Tamil Nadu today addressing a gathering in Tiruchirapalli.

Here's what he said:

  • Let us observe 2-minute silence for martyrs of J&K attack
  • Tamils are hard working, sincere, royal and loyal people
  • Tamils and Gujaratis mingle like sugar and milk
  • As Tamils came to Gujarat to make it Manchester of India, Saurashtrians contributed in Tamil Nadu
  • The problem is not in the seas but with the Centre
  • A weak Centre has emboldened our neighbours, it has to be thrown out
  • Gujarat is a cotton growing state and Tamil Nadu is a state that consumes maximum cotton from Gujarat
  • Pleased to know that last year Regional Engineering College in Trichy was ranked best engineering institute overtaking IITs
  • Gujarat and Tamil Nadu share many common things, both states played leading roles in freedom movement
  • If Gandhiji is from Gujarat, Rajaji is from Tamil Nadu
  • I am anguished that there is such government in Delhi that more soldiers have been killed by terrorists' bullets than in war
  • I am astounded that people from Italy can come and kill fishermen off the Kerala coast in this country of 1.2 billion people
  • What is the reason that Pak soldiers kill our jawans on the border and the govt in Delhi cites protocol to feed the Pak PM biryani
  • Are we so weak that our neighbours can do as they please and we don't react
  • Is this the time for the PM to be in a hurry to talk to Pakistan? (Crowd says no after translator says this in Tamil): Narendra Modi in Trichy
  • Mr PM, this is not the BJP's voice or Narendra Modi's voice - this is the voice of the youth sitting in Trichy
  • Obama cancelled his Russia trip over Snowden - he said he'll not go because Snowden was wanted for treason in the US
  • We must think - every small or large country leaves everything aside for its national pride. No other consideration can be greater
  • Mr PM, the country wants to know - what is your priority? Is it national pride and respecting the blood of martyrs or is it to show eagerness to talk to Pakistan under pressure from other countries?
  • Till this government is there, no one in this country is safe. Our first job is to remove this government that has created this atmosphere of insecurity.
  • The government is Delhi has also weakened the Rupee - if this government continues, we'll have to find the rupee with a microscope
  • Due to the policies of the government, small industries are shutting down. Look at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited in Trichy and the ancillary units that are shutting down
  • The govt in Delhi wants to please the rich industrialists and harass small-scale units
  • The big industrialists are losing the bank money, but have you ever seen their photographs in the newspapers? But is a small factory owner can't return Rs 1-2 lakh, his photo is published in the newspapers and he is driven to suicide.
  • The youth should decide that they want to live a life of dignity and vote for a government that can give you employment
  • Look at the policies of the government - plants producing 20,000 MW of power are not functioning because there is no coal, gas
  • The coal fields are there, the power plants are there and the states clamouring for electricity are there. But the government is not interested in doing any work that benefits the people
  • Look at the Supreme Court judgement on Aadhar cards, the government has been touting the scheme as its big achievement. Please answer the court.
  • Did all states and departments approve Aadhar? Isn't this waste of huge money
  • Country is divided because of Congress. There is separate status for Kashmir because of Congress, war over water between states because of Congress
  • We need independence from Congress if India has to develop
  • Even Gandhi wanted to disband Congress after Independence
  • We got to rescue India from Congress, its allies and brokers