'Forged Alliance With BJP Out of Conviction, Not Convenience,' Says Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister: Highlights


Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed addresses media in Jammu

New Delhi: 

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took oath as the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir for the second time, leading a historic alliance with the BJP which will be part of a government in the state for the first time.

Here are the highlights:

  • Politics is the art of the possible, even when there are contradictions.
  • In 2002 when we got together with Congress (during NDA government), we made sure there was a peaceful atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Those elections were wonderful.
  • We urge the government of India to initiate a dialogue with people of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • In 2008, we had 21 members.
  • I don't want to dig the past or criticise any party, I only want to look at the future.
  • I have to join the North Pole and the South Pole.
  • To make Jammu and Kashmir a model of development like Gujarat, we need to bring peace to this state.
  • We have got the mandate to get people together.
  • We have got the support from people of Jammu.
  • We want to make this alliance a turning point in trying to meet the hearts and minds of the people.
  • We want to do justice to all people.
  • We have a historic opportunity today, we want a new chapter for Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Jammu and Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state in the country.
  • The entire country will get a message.
  • I can't say how much we will be able to do. But what I can tell you is that we will walk shoulder-to-shoulder with each other.
  • I say let's take Hurriyats and separatists on board too, they also have a view point.
  • Kashmir has been a problem for every PM since 1947
  • I told PM that we should be friends with Pakistan.
  • Jammu and Kashmir provides diversity.
  • Our's is the state with colleges which are not charging fees.
  • We want to create employers but we cannot guarantee employment.
  • We want to be fair and have a transparent system.
  • Unemployment is the main challenge in the state.
  • We also have issues of connectivity and tourism.
  • We need more 5 star hotels and want to promote Jammu and Kashmir as an independent tourist destination.
  • We also want a high-tech industry in our state and have made a common, political agenda.
  • Will take measures for sustenance and livelihood west Pakistan refugees.
  • Will felicitate and initiate dialogue with all internal stakeholders.
  • Will review security situation with a view to examine need of special laws.
  • Present position will be maintained on special status.
  • Government will examine need for denotifying disturbed areas.
  • Governance alliance... effort towards seeking national reconciliation on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • We have one agenda, both parties will work towards it.
  • We will also request other parties to support us in our thoughts.
  • Not disappointed on AFSPA issue.
  • Are you interested in peace or withdrawal of AFSPA?
  • Removing of AFSPA is not the main issue.
  • Political alliance is a prerequisite for governance.
  • The unauthorised land that the Army has - they have to either return it to government or pay compensation.
  • Empowered to catalyse reconciliation and confidence building within and across LoC.
  • I forged this alliance out of conviction, not convenience, despite the contradictions.
  • PM took note of the incident of innocents dying.
  • Those involved in fake encounter have been put to task.
  • We have an evolutionary vision.
  • No separatists disturbed elections.
  • Na Grenade se, na goli se, baat banegi boli se (Not with the help of a grenade, or a bullet, we can solve issues only by talking)
  • Sajad Lone has taken an initiative, it is a breakthrough.
  • Eradicating corruption is my first priority.
  • I have the best team of officers.
  • Between 200-2 to 2005, there was a lot of positive change under my command.
  • On separatists: They have to decide whether they will be a part of the democratic process or not.

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