'Meow Meow' Drug Worth Rs 2,500 Crore Found In Delhi, Pune Raids: Cops

Three individuals have been arrested under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act).

'Meow Meow' Drug Worth Rs 2,500 Crore Found In Delhi, Pune Raids: Cops

This landmark operation involved raids in Pune and New Delhi.

New Delhi:

In a massive operation spanning over two days, the police have unearthed a staggering 1,100 kilograms of the banned drug Mephedrone (MD) -  street name 'Meow Meow' - with an estimated value exceeding Rs 2,500 crore in raids across Pune and New Delhi. 

According to the police, the operation began with the arrest of three drug smugglers in Pune, accompanied by the seizure of 700 kg of Mephedrone. The subsequent interrogation of these individuals led to the confiscation of an additional 400 kg of the synthetic stimulant from godown-like structures in Delhi's Hauz Khas area. 

Another large consignment of Mephedrone was stored in Pune, particularly in the Kurkumbh MIDC area.

The sheer magnitude of this drug bust marks it as the largest-ever drug recovery by Pune Police in Maharashtra and one of the most substantial drug busts in the country. 

Drug Supply Lines

Preliminary investigations indicate that the contraband was being transported from the Kurkumbh MIDC-based units to storage facilities in New Delhi. The police have apprehended five individuals in connection with the operation, including three couriers and two others currently under interrogation.

The arrested individuals, described as "courier boys" by Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, have previous offenses registered against them.

Commissioner Kumar said the police are diligently probing the case, collaborating closely with other agencies to dismantle potential connections within the drug trade.

One of those detained in connection with the case is Anil Sable, an owner of the Pune factory where the drugs were stored. Sable was apprehended from Dombivali in Maharashtra's Thane in the morning. 

The police also suspect a potential link between the detained individuals and notorious drug trafficker Lalit Patil. Investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of Patil's involvement in the case.

The Drug Bust 

Pune Police's crackdown on the drug smuggling network began from a salt warehouse in Pune.  Raids in Bhairavnagar and Vishrantwadi areas led to the arrest of three smugglers and the seizure of Mephedrone worth Rs 3.5 crore.

Simultaneously, the Pune Police's counterparts in Delhi conducted a major operation in the Hauz Khas area, recovering drugs worth about Rs 1,000 crore. The raid is currently ongoing, in a joint effort by Pune and Delhi Police, with estimates that the final count could exceed Rs 3,000 crore.