This Article is From Sep 13, 2014

J&K Flood: SOS From Stranded People in Kashmir

J&K Flood: SOS From Stranded People in Kashmir

Residents stranded in Srinagar's Jawahar Nagar area which is completely flooded

Srinagar: With flood waters rising in Jammu and Kashmir, thousands of frantic residents are on rooftops, especially in Srinagar. Over 150 people have been killed in the state's worst flood in six decades. Lakhs are marooned and desperately waiting for help.

The Home Ministry has released helpline numbers that stranded residents or their relatives can dial for help: (011) 23093054, 23092763, 23093564, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563.

Here are some of the messages:

7 - 9 - 2014:
  • Two people are stuck in their car near Humhama
  • Around 20 people are stuck at 65 private Jawahar Nagar
  • Daljeet Singh, an officer with the forest department, is stuck along with 25 others at hotel Itra guest house in Raj Baugh, Srinagar.
  • Rafiq Wani and family are stranded Near Iqra lane NO. 3, Bemina
  • Dr Muzaffer, his family and several others are stranded near Maraaz Medical Institute Pazalpora, Bijbehara in South Kashmir.
  • Dhiraj Gupta, along with 70 others, stuck in Sherbagh Mandir in Anantnag (behind Sher Bagh Garden - south Kashmir)
  • Four adults including two senior citizens stranded at 7B Jawahar Nagar, near Beeco building, Srinagar. They need urgent evacuation as they are nearly under water
  • Dr Tejinder Sethi & his family are stuck on the roof of his house. 46 Gobchi Bagh, near Polytech College, near BSF Bunkar, Srinagar.
  • Murchida Begum is stranded with 2 young children at Jawahar Nagar, Near D.A.V Institute, Srinagar. The ground and first floors of her house are flooded and they have gone up to the terrace for safety
  • Shweta is stranded with 3 young girls who can't swim at Heritage House, Raj Baug, near the New Era Public School, Srinagar. The building near collapse.
  • Nearly 200 people trapped at Government Medical College, Srinagar. Girls hostel
  • Stuck in hotel gul paradise..near muslim public school near a masjid around 7-8 people
  • 90-year-old woman is stranded on the 3rd floor of her home. Needs immediate evacuation. Her name is Bach, and address is Raj Bagh, Near CCDC school, Srinagar
  • A mother and her baby are stuck at House no.1, solina balla, Srinagar, near Rambagh.
  • Two women aged 72 and 55 and a 50-year-old man are stranded at 2nd floor at sheela vila, Chpora Lane, Shivpora in Srinagar. They critically need to be evacuated considering their health condition.
  • Friends, Water has crossed two floors in buildings, housing journalists in Press Enclave on Residency Road facing Partap Park... Ten people including families and Habib Naqash of Greater Kashmir stuck on third floor. Need help immediately.
  • Please rescue: three elderly people stuck roof to at 403B Jawahar Nagar

8 - 09 - 2014:

  • My family is stuck in the Alluchi Bagh area. Water is gushing in with speed. Many houses have collapsed. Please send rescue team there.
  • Mahbooba Khan and eight others stuck on the roof top of Salamat Guest House, Honda Lane, Rajbagh. I am begging for help!
  • Gur Amrit Pal Singh's family is stuck in the Alluchi bagh area. Water is gushing in with speed and many houses have collapsed. Please send rescue team there. They need help right now. Their address is Alluchi bagh, main chowk, first lane to the right, first house. This is all I have. Please send someone now.
  • Prof Sauleh Mustafa at 22 PVT Jawahar Nagar near Abu Bakar masjid need help. A total of 6 people including two elderly people are inside the house. Please rescue them as soon as possible.
  • Mahbooba Khan and 8 others stuck on the roof top of Salamat guest house, Honda lane , Rajbagh need help.
  • Ghulam Nabi Ahanger and his family of five, all elderly persons, are trapped on the top floor of their house since yesterday. Their address is 146, Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar, Near Dr. Daljit Singh (corner house opposite to park).
  • Vijay Kaul's family of three are stranded on the second floor of Sheela Villa, Chopra Lane, next to school in Shivpora, Srinagar. They need to be evacuated as they are in bad health.
  • A couple along with their daughter and an ailing grandmother need to be evacuated from house - Dr. Nahid Ruhee, Gogjibagh, behind ramzan hospital. House is sinking now.
  • 50-60 boys stuck in GMC boys' hostel in Bemina right now. Last, I spoke to my brother yesterday when the water was getting into their building. No contact since - Nashrah Batool.
  • My parents are stranded in Rajbagh on top floor (near hero honda service lane, house 111). Please rescue them - Navneet.
  • A family is stuck in house number 69 in Pamposh colony, Natipora. They are there since yesterday with no connectivity. Please help.
  • Tej-Pal Singh and his families, including kids, are stuck on 3rd floor in house number 34 in Gogji bagh area, behind RAMZAN hospital, exactly on the backside of OASIS school.
  • Families stuck at 180, Rajbagh Extension (Dr Gh Nabi Hakeem), near masjid noor (6persons) and 14 rajbagh, (Anwar Ashai), behind convent school (5 persons) need to be rescued.
  • Please help my family. My parents and sisters are stuck and I am not there. They need immediate rescue. Stranded on the 2nd storey, water has started entering. They have nobody to help - Bashir Ahmad Najar, Khan Mohalla (near Masjid Bilal), Madhaw Pora Allouchi Bagh, Srinagar. GPS Coordinates: 34.055291,74.797481
  • Please help children Malika and Sehal in Kursoo Rajbagh Hero Honda Gali. Their residence is Hero Honda workshop. These children are 10 years and 15 years old. They are on the 3rd storey. Please help them as the phone numbers are not working.
  • Children and elderly family members stranded in 339B Balgarden.
  • Help required by Surender Kumar Jattoo and Nirja Jattoo, trapped in Pantha Chowk (just adjacent Jamia Masjid). Water level around 11 ft as per last information. No communication.
  • Balwant Kaur 81 yrs, stuck alone on the 2nd floor of old post office building, jawahar Nagar, Srinagar.
  • Qurat Ul Ain and 7 other family members are stuck since yesterday at the J&K Bank Building, Jawahar Nagar close to the mosque. I have tried to contact the Delhi helpline numerous times but all they say is they are working on it. - Nitin Chopra
  • Zaid Majeed Mughal with his father and mother are stuck in lane no 8 of Sheikhul Alam Colony,near Nowgam Bypass, Srinagar. This colony is where the Nowgam police station is.
  • Sheeba Shireen, Abudul Kabir and family stuck in house number 115 in Natraj Lane in Wazirbagh, Srinagar. It is a three storey yellow house right at the corner of the lane.
  • People are stuck in Shivpura lane number 15, 3rd house. It's near the bandh. The house next has red painted roof bricks. Water is now on the 2nd floor already - Suman Kapoor Veena Kapoor, Ashok Kapoor, Ranjoo.
  • I'm a student hailing from Kashmir and want to know about District Kulgam. I'm not able to contact my home from the last 5 days in a faraway village from Kulgam namely Qusba Khull. Damhal Hanjipora . Please, please give me news about the said district. The actual report. 
  • Urgent Help Required: Mantoo House, next to Post Office Lane Minto Circle, Rajbagh, Srinagar. 7 elderly people all on prescribed medicines. Please Help.
  • 2 caretakers Iqbal and Fayaz stuck at Nedoes Villa on the roof next to Srinagar golf course! Urgent help required!
  • Please help my family who are stuck in following areas:
    # H No : 22 Ikrajpora ,back gate of Gindun part , family with new born babies stuck.
    #Heavy Duty Gym ,Opp DAV school , whole family with many kids and new born babies.
    Please help them urgently.
  • I have 90 year old grandparents stuck in Srinagar in a house filled with flood water to the top at 50 Wazirbagh.
    I would request for you to please help them being pulled out or at least show their news because we are unable to get a hold of them.
  • I have lost contact with my family in Sopore since yesterday. And don't know the situation. Kindly check and update me about my parents. The Address is: Mr Ghulam Ud Din Teli
    House No 12, Bagi Islam Krankshivan Colony, Sopore
  • Can you please let me know if there is any information on the Wadoos. They live in the address mentioned below: Wadoo's House. House Number 77, Sector 3, Lane 1st, Gulberg Colony, Hyderpora Byepass, Srinagar 190014. It is the family of Indian footballer Mehrajuddin Wadoo. He is currently in Florence, training with an ISL team, desperately wanting to know about his family.
  • Name: Professor Akhtar Hussain Mir, Address : Lane M 192 Rose Lane Colony, Chanapora, Srinagar. My parents are stuck in the house alone for last 3 days. They're old and there's no one to rescue them from the house. I've tried every help line number and have not been able to get through please try n help them.
  • Ishtiaq Guru along with 5 kids are trapped in Raj Bagh. The kids are crying. No food, nothing. They are helpless. No rescue. Please save them. Please, Please, Please. Silver house, Moondust Lane, Near Post Office, Opp Little Old Minto Circle School, Rajbagh, Kashmir. Please help them.
  • Please help in providing at least water and food to students in govt medical college boys hostel Bemina , Srinagar. They are trapped there and are in very critical situation without drinking water. They waved their shirts watching helicopters but no one helped them. Please at least provide them water and food.
  • Family stranded in Mohalla Gunikhan near Lal Chowk. Names: Kamla Sarin, Dinesh Sarin, Raju, Bawa. 
  • Mr & Mrs Shoukat Ali Shah. First house on left of Peak Driving Institute near Mintoo Circle School. Rajbagh, Srinagar, beige coloured house.
    Both are old, diabetic & alone. Stuck on their second floor. Need urgent evacuation. 
9 - 9 - 2014:

  • Mr Anjum Qaiyum Rafiqi from Sydney is requesting for an update on the safety and whereabouts of his elderly parents and handicapped aunt living in 73 Balgarden, Karanagar, Srinagar.
  • Rehaan Ahmad from Dubai has not been able to contact his family, Mehmooda, Shahnaz with son Musaib and Samiya Naz with her month old baby, since past 42 hours. He's worried about their safety. Address: Baghwan Pora, Noor Bag, Srinagar.
  • Zahid Muzaffar is unable to locate or contact his family, father Mohammed Muzaffar Khan and mother Nuzhat Ali. Last known location: Habba Kadal, Ganpatyar, Srinagar near Parveen Hotel.
  • Four people or more stuck on the 3rd floor of their house in Tulsi Bagh, Srinagar, near temple. Requesting for help.
  • Wasim Khan is requesting for help for Lateef Khan and family, stuck in Khan building Gow Kadal, and his cousins stranded in Mandir Bagh near Vikram Guest House.
  • Elderly couple and two females stranded at New Secreteriat Road behind Naaz Hotel, near Neelam Cinema, Karan Nagar in Srinagar.
  • Tarik & Mehar Zulfikar are requesting for update on the safety and whereabouts of Dr Bhasharat, Mehnaz Zulfikar, Mush, Tanveer Jahan plus 6 more people, stuck in Rajbagh at 111, Victory Manzil Near Hamza Masjid, Inside Post Office Lane.
  • From Shahbaz Wadera: People in Wazir Bagh Srinagar are stuck without food and water. No rescue team yet in the area. Requesting for immediate help.
  • Mohd Yaseen Wani is requesting for help for family, six people including two elderly and one kid, stuck at the third floor of their house with two floors already in water. Address: front house beige color with red roof, Rose lane, Kursu Rajbagh.
  • Mir Irshad is requesting urgent help for a family stuck in a house with 4 kids aged below 5. Last time I spoke they had water in 1st floor and they were on the 2nd floor. House opposite to district police lines.
  • Mushtaq Ahmed is requesting help for his family living in Chanapora, house number 1A, Sector 1 Madina Bagh Colony, Opposite Nazir Provisional store. His father's name is Ali Mohammad Bhat. There are two males, two females and a month-old infant. No contact possible yet.
  • Sobia Mushtaq requests help for her parents, located at house number 445, Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar who are stranded on the second floor. Last contact was made 3 days ago. Latitude, Longitude: 34.0601404, 74.8145556.
  • Families are requesting urgent help for Mymoona and Shazia. Their house has collapsed in Saloora, Ganderbal.
  • Aisha Wani and Saba Maqbool are in need of help living in house no 199/A, Kaka Sarai, Karan Nagar.
  • The following people are in urgent need of help: Ghulam Hasan Sheikh in Sir Syed Abad Bemina; Ghulam Nabi Bhat in Iqbalabad Bemina; Mohammad Ahsraf Khan in Gausia Colony. 
  • Sunil Jain is inquiring the whereabouts of his family, reportedly evacuated from Batra Hotel. The family got a conformation message that all people from the Hotel are rescued and safe, but their location is still unknown.
  • Family trying to contact Javed Parsa, Mushtaq Ahmad Parsa and Andleeb Parsa reportedly evacuated from House no 14 , lane no 1, friends colony HMT ROAD, Srinagar.
  • Idrishya Sharma, employee in Taj Hotel, Srinagar is missing. Last known location is Ghani Khan Mohaalla, Bishamber Nagar, Srinagar. Information requested at any of these numbers 9419196860,9858107082,9996604846,9419222049.
  • Family requesting to help 18 other members stranded on top floor of house at Batmaloo near PCR, Srinagar. No communication since past 3 days.

10 - 9 - 2014

  • Please rescue Mr Aijaz Shah & family, in Nigeen, opposite Habib hotel (same road as NIT college). They are stranded on the 3rd storey. There are 11 family members including my elderly grandmother and disabled uncle. Please help them urgently!
  • If anyone can reach out to Nigeen behind REC, my father needs Asthelin tablets, as his lungs are not that strong. Please help my parents; Iftikhar Banday House No 21, NIT Lane (Formally REC), Nigeen B, Behind REC near its dal facing canteen and activity centre, Hazratbal.
  • Sugandha Talwar is requesting to rescue her husband, in-laws, brother and sister-in-law along with two kids who left for Srinagar on 5th September and post 6th September there haa been no contact with them. As per the last update they were stranded at governor's house along with other tourists. The food and water supply is depleting and is getting harder with small kids. Here are the details:
    Sanat Pasricha (Age 30), Sumit Pasricha (Age 37), Satvir Pasricha (Age 70), Manju Pasricha (Age 60), Ruchi Pasricha (Age 35), Kavin Pasricha (Age 7), Kabir Pasricha (Age 5).
  • Please rescue Syed Tassadque Hussain & Azra Hussain. They are both senior citizens. Their co-ordinates are - House on Nagin lake next to Nagin club, Srinagar.
  • Please rescue Avtar Mattoo, Raj Mattoo, Rahul Mattoo, total of eight people in Raj Bagh.
  • Two ladies and two kids need to be rescued from below mentioned address and have to be sent to airport on priority today. One of the lady's son has drowned during a rescue operation. Their mental and physical condition is not good and they need to be taken to the airport. Their other son will reach Srinagar airport by today. Would be great if rescue team can assist them in reaching airport. Their address is: Bilal glass house, Door Mohalla, Alachua Bagh, Near MS Public School.
  • There are close to 70 persons strangled in hotel snow palace, Rajbagh.
    Most of them are aged. We have received their call today after 3 days in the morning but could not talk as the signals went off . The list of four of our members strangled at the hotel are S.K Dua, Seema Dua, Ashok Kumar and Veena  Kumar. Please get them evacuated from the hotel. They have informed us that no help has been provided to them. They do not have any food and water. All are senior citizens and they are diabetic too.
  • Three people are stranded at this address: Moin Qazi, 21 Gogji Bagh,
    Srinagar. Boats are unable to reach the house and these people need to be air lifted. Boats tried thrice times but failed.
  • Aasif Nazir is requesting help for his uncle and his family who is trapped in their house for the last five days. No rescue efforts from that side. They have two small kids. The area where they are stuck is Natipora, Shashjeelan Colony.
  • Mr Zia Rasheed is trapped on the 2nd floor of his house along with two females. One of them is special-abled. Their house is in Magarmal Bagh.
  • Zahoor Ahmad Shah's family has been stranded for last four days in Gojli Bagh area. There is an elderly heart patient who needs immediate medical attention.
  • Mohd Yousuf Malik along with five other family members need to be rescued as they are trapped in their house near Shamas Hotel in Shivpora.
  • Iti Mattoo is inquiring about her family members in Rajbagh area. They have been missing since Sunday. Their names are Rajesh Mattoo, AK Mattoo, Raj Mattoo, HL Punjabi, Vijay Punjabi, Bhup Bahadur, Laxmi and Manav.
  • Arti Kaul is requesting rescue for Mr Chintan Kaul and Mr R Kachroo at 2 Dooganga Road, Karanangar near Mughal Darbar in Srinagar. Mr Chintan is diebetic patient.
  • Multiple families stranded in Tulsi Bagh Govt Quarters, Opp Bakshi Stadium, Block A, Flat No-12, 3rd floor. Please send rescue teams there.
  • There are 16 people trapped near Yakhraj Pora Masjid, Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar. No reports about them from last three days. Please send a rescue team as soon as possible.
  • We had last talked to Mr. Jitender Koul on Saturday morning around 10. His phone is switched off means the battery must be completely discharged. He was trapped in the 3rd storey of Green View/Green Palace guest house in Rajbagh area of Srinagar.
  • My father is stuck in Srinagar and last time he spoke to me was on Sunday at 4:30 pm saying that he was safe. He was staying in Yatri Bhawan, Shri Durga Nag Mandir, Srinagar (J&K) Coordinates 34 Degree 4'31"N 74 Degree 49'57"E.
  • I have received distress call from my family members who are stuck in a building. Following people are still trapped at Mehta Guest House, Raj Bagh, Srinagar. They are stuck since Sunday and are not unable to talk. No body is air-lifting them, though rescue operation is going on in nearby building. Vijay Kumar Koul, Preeti Singh and Rupesh Singh are still trapped in the building.
  • Bushan Lal Mattoo and his family, near Gole Market, Karan Nagar. We heard they have taken shelter in a nearby mosque, however can not contact them. They have also not contacted us till now.
  • Amit Razdan along with his wife, mother and sister, Sudepa Razdan, Sarla Razdan and Joycee Razdan are missing. Their last known location was Zeastha, Devi Mandir.
  • The family of Mohan Lal Thusoo is unable to get in touch and there is no information about Mr Mohan and his wife Santosh Bhat. Their last known location was Dal Lake in Srinagar.
  • My uncle and his family is trapped in their house for last five days. No rescue efforts from that side. They have two small kids. Please help them in getting out. Area: Natipora, Shahjeelan Colony. Names: Ghulam Rasool Dalal, his wife, Tanza, Saira, Tasir Mir and his family.
  • Please provide help to the people who are staying at Tulsi Bagh Govt Quarters, opposite to Bakshi Stadium. Water level is 5ft there. No rescue operation agencies have touched that area. Today is 4th day they all are without food & water. Name of the persons: Mr Vikas Bhat and Mr Sanjay Bhat.
  • A family is stranded on the third floor near Hero Honda Lane (Kursoo Rajbagh) opposite Airtel tower. The family is in desperate need of drinking water and food. Irfan Ahmed Narwaroo along with eight other people including a diabetic patient are trapped in the house.
  • Mohammad Shafi of MS Mall is stranded at Raj Bagh with family of 11 including old ladies and children. Please send rescue teams and move them to safety.
  • Kindly let me know if you can get me some details about Mr. Romesh Pandita aged about 60 who was put up in Tourist Reception Centre and was last contacted at 11 p.m. on Sunday night. We were told that all those stranded at TRC have been shifted to a safe shelter but no information is available.
  • My cousin brother Harmeet Singh is missing. We are not able to contact him from 4 days. We don't know where he is or whether he has been rescued or not. He was stacked in Reliance office Batwara on the third floor.
  • The people listed below are stuck in their house since Sunday. Their names are: Zubair Mujtaba, Razia Mujtaba, Uzair Mujtaba, Umair Mujtaba, Huma Mujtaba, Fatima Rasool, Khalida Rasool, Fatima Abdul Ahad, Yabiz Ahmed, Kalim Bhat, Sweety, Masroor Jan, Yamin, Suzain, Milad, Mufaid, Shabir Bhat, Dilshad, Abrar Bhat. Their residence is at 116 Wazir Bagh and Zabarwan Lane Rajbagh. Please send rescue as soon as possible.
  • My sister and her husband are with 20 other relatives in Chattabal Butbuni Patlipur Bala, down town Srinagar. We haven't had any contact with them since Sunday. Please rescue them as soon as possible.
  • Advocate Tasaduq Hussain with 6 family members is missing from Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar, near Yakhraj Pora mosque near Hotel Al Hayat.


  • Family (Rafeeq) is asking for the whereabouts of Bashir Ahmad Najar, along with about a 100 other people, stranded due to the flash floods. Last known location: House No: 266, Masjid e-Omer lane, Opposite Masjid-e-Omer Nundreshi Colony - B, Bemina, Srinagar (landmark - Chinar near Bemina bypass). Contact lost 4 days back. Urging for immediate help.
  • Ahmed Shah (son) has informed that Mr. Nasir Hussain Yousuf ( heart patient) 65 yrs old and Dr. Rehana Naqeshbandi (diabetic ) 60 yrs old are in urgent need of rescue. They are stranded in their house in Nigeen opposite Nigeen Club, next to Delhi Business School. Location coordinates 34.118432,74.835974.
  • About 100 people are stranded at below address for past many days and we have no news of how they are now. We lost contact with them 4 days back. Contact person: Bashir Ahmad Najar, House No: 266, Masjid-e-Omer lane, Opposite Masjid-e-Omer, Nundreshi Colony - B, Bemina, Srinagar, Near by landmark: Chinar near Bemina bypass.
  • Somebody please send a rescue team at Iqbal park, behind Bindroo Chemist, New Hotel Sunshine. More than 20 people are stranded there including my family of 8 members (Shaiqa Mohi, CJeel Malik Akeel Aijaz Malik, Shafiqur rehman). Just received a text message. No rescue team has been there. Somebody please save them.
  • Mudasir Ishtiyaq, telecommunication engineer at Viom networks, dad's name: Ishtiyaq Ahmed, brother Shuja Buchh. Address: 111 Patli Pora, Bala partly p.o. Karan Nagar, p.s. Safa Kadal Dist Srinagar: 190010. These people have been starving for the last 6 days. they don't even have clean drinking water.
  • My family is stranded in Srinagar since last 4 days. Got a message in the morning that they need help and they haven't been rescued. Exact last known location: hotel New Sunshine, behind Bindroo chemist, Magarmal Bagh, Srinagar. Any information regarding this particular area or any help will be most welcomed! Please help us and save them.
  • Bashir Ahmed Shah's (Bashaw enterprise) family stranded in Masjid Noor, 57, Balgarden, Karan Nagar, Srinagar. Please send rescue as soon as possible.
  • Our company's staff is stranded in Srinagar at the following location. At least 15-20 company staff of Ramky Infrastructure Limited requires help. Please act fast as we are unable to contact them for last 3 days. They are stranded at 3 rd floor of a building and water had reached upto 3 rd floor bottom. Their address is: Ramky Infrastructure Ltd, Rajamanzil Colony, Beside Mir General Store, Shivapora, Batwara post, Srinagar.
  • Seven people with 4 children are stranded in Batmaloo. Their names are: H.S.Bakshi, S.P.S Bakshi, Karanjeet Bakshi, Updesh Kaur, Sandeep Kaur, Sumeet Kaur, KS Bakshi. Address: 14/1/ Batmaloo near PCR, location 34.072158/74.7985494.
  • I, Tahir Majeed, am not able to contact my family. They are missing from New Colony Kakapora, Opposite Hr Secondary School Kakapora. Their names are: Abdul Majeed Dar, Irshad Ahmad Dar and Manzoor Ahmad. Please help find them.
  • Suraj Dhingra and Ashok Dhingra staying at hotel Brown Palace near Dal Lake are missing. They checked in on Saturday, 6th September. Please help in finding them.
  • We have received a SOS message through driver association that 25 TT drivers and cleaners are stuck up from one week in Pampore area. They are stuck up at higher altitude near Gas Turbine Area, back side of HPCL LPG Plant. They have no water or food facilities for the past 6 days and need to be evacuated urgently.
  • Please provide help to my brother who is still struggling for life at "Rainawari Near V.B college Srinagar." Still water level is 5ft there. No Rescue operation agencies have touched that area. Today is 4th day and they all are without food & water. Please arrange to provide the help to these people and move to the safer place. My brother's name is Rajeev Majotra and his address is: Mr. Khalid Hamim S/o Abdul Hamim Wani, Rainawari Near V.B college Srinagar.
  • I have 90 years old grandparents stuck in Srinagar on the 3rd Floor; they are unwell having asthma problems in a house filled with flood water to the top at 50 Wazirbagh, Srinagar. Their names are Om Prakash Suri and Raj Rani Suri. 
  • Mr. S. L. Bhatt, Mrs. Pamposh Bhatt, Mrs. Dulari Swarup stranded in Naqash Residency, Srinagar. Please help.
  • Dr. Mudassir (ENT Specialist), his wife Dr. Nayyar-ul-Nissa and their three-year-old daughter Habsa missing from Govt. Medical college Karan Nagar.


  • Dheeraj Surangi is stranded at Hotel Mini Ikwan, third floor. It is near Syami Hotel Bishamner Nagar, Srinagar.
  • We would like to know the where about of the below mentioned people who were residing in Srinagar. Mr Adul Gani Mir Sub Inspector working in Srinagar Police Station, Mrs Hamida Banu Mir, Mr Erfaan Mir, Ms Iqra Mir. We do not have any connectivity since Sunday.
  • SHO Syed Showkat Sadat and family missing (children- Aqsa, Anum, Junaid and wife Pyaari Ji) from 7 days.They might still be stranded in the house at Shivpura near hotel Shams, Rammunshi bagh, Srinagar. Please send someone to rescue.  
  • Ashok Kumar Raina, Age 50 is missing. His last known location was Karphali Mohalla, Habba Kadal.

13 - 09 - 2014

  • Mrs. Raj Dulari Bhan, 76 years old. Last but one house in the lane opposite Central Telegraph Office, Shiv Niwas, House with the tower. Exchange road, Srinagar.
  • Immediate rescue required for 30 people including 5 ladies stuck in Hotel Lala Rukh, Lal Chowk. Need food and drinking water. Kindly help.