This Article is From Mar 24, 2022

In Terrifying Video, Man Dragged By Train Escapes "Jaws Of Death"

Constable Raghubeer Singh of the Railway protection Force ran alongside the man being dragged by a train and saved him.

In Terrifying Video, Man Dragged By Train Escapes 'Jaws Of Death'

The video of the incident in Patiala is being widely circulated on the internet.

The bravery shown by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) employee is winning praises on the internet. The employee, constable Raghubeer Singh, saved a person being dragged by train at the Patiala railway station. The video of the incident has been posted by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on its Twitter handle. The short 31-second video taken by a CCTV installed on the station shows the date as March 22. It was then posted by many users on social media across platforms and has been viewed hundreds of times. 

“Some may be lucky to have our brave ones to save them. #SafetyFirst #RPF Head Const.Raghubeer Singh ran without hesitation as he saw a person being dragged by train,saved him from jaws of death at Patiala Station,” RPF India said in its tweet.

As the video starts, it shows a passenger at Patiala railway station rushing to save someone. Soon, a man appears on the screen, and is being dragged by the train. He clings on to the door of the bogey trying to prevent himself from falling between the tracks and the train.

Constable Singh is seen running alongside the man and his shoes fall off - one on the platform and other one on the tracks. The man then leaves the bogey moments before the train comes to a halt. The RPF official then leaps to pick him up.

The man stands up, picking up his backpack as other RPF personnel rush to the spot. The passengers and their relatives at the platform too head towards the man who just came out of the jaws of death.

Some of the passengers are seen looking at the bogey of the gate of the train bogey which the man was clinging on to.

No other information is available about the incident, or why the man was clinging on to the train. The RFP said used the hashtags #MissionJeewanRaksha #LifeSavingAct in its tweet and also tagged the Railways Ministry and Union Railways minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

Internet praised the efforts of constable Singh, with may users posting "Salute" on Twitter and other platforms. "Hats off to Raghubeer singh sir," said another user on Instagram.