In Indore Stabbing Over Rs 70, Shop Owner Dead, Several Injured

Indore City SP Jayant Rathore said police are trying to arrest the other accused at the earliest

In Indore Stabbing Over Rs 70, Shop Owner Dead, Several Injured

After attacking the shopowner, the accused allegedly assaulted others and damaged vehicles.


An altercation over Rs 70 at a shop led to a murder at Indore in Madhya Pradesh today.

Shopowner Pintu Dubey died after he was hit on the head and stabbed, allegedly by two drunk men. While one of the accused is in police custody, the other is on the run.

The altercation started yesterday when the two accused came to Pintu's paan shop, asked for a pack of cigarettes but refused to pay for it. This led to an argument but the matter did not escalate yesterday.

Today, the men returned to Pintu's shop in a drunk state and started arguing with him. When Pintu stepped out of his shop, they allegedly attacked him with a rod and also stabbed him. Visuals show blood spilled on the street along Pintu's shop.

The shopowner was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died.

After attacking Pintu, the accused allegedly assaulted Vijay Solanki, the owner of the adjoining shoe shop. They also allegedly attacked some passers-by and damaged vehicles.

A video clip of the incident shows the two men with rods in their hands along the busy road. A woman is seen trying to confront them as one of the accused hits a plastic container with the rod.

On receiving information about the incident, senior police officers, including City Superintendent of Police Jayant Rathore and Assistant Superintendent Of Police Prashant Chaubey, reached the spot.

Mr Rathore said the two accused are cousins. "We have taken one of them into custody and search is on for the other. We are trying to arrest him at the earliest," he added.