This Article is From Apr 08, 2009

IIT Delhi students become inventors

IIT Delhi students become inventors
New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology may be in the news for the forthcoming fee hike but their students are busy at work.

Delhi's IITians are breaking new grounds in innovation this session.

From Formula One car to smart canes for the blind from robots to alternative fuel, the students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi are doing it all.

The young inventors are giving back to society by making a cane, a device for the visually impaired.

",The device uses ultrasound to detect any obstacles up to three metres and transmits the same to the person holding the cane as vibrations,", said Neeraj, student.

There's also a professor among these inventors. And his creation is meant to do its bit for energy conservation and the environment.

",In the Indian context, it is essential that vehicles use eco-friendly fuels as the number of cars is increasing. The bio-diesel saves a lot on smoke, carbon monoxide as compared to the other fuels available in the market,", said Lalit Mohan Das, Professor, IIT.

But the eye-catcher is definitely the IIT Delhi's first very own Formula One car.

",It took us one year to create this car. It has won many prizes in international events. It has paved the way for more such cars that we plan to design,", said Aseem Singla, student.

For those who think it's unbelievable should witness the brainchild of these upcoming scientists themselves.